Day 7: Alberto & the Wanninkhofs

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May 26th 2018
Published: May 29th 2018
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Build day #2!

This morning we were able to enjoy sleeping in until 7:30 so I slept in my build clothes, ate some burnt peanut butter toast, drank some iced coffee, and tossed a frisbee before loading up the vans to head to the build site for the day.

After sitting in some traffic in Miami (yep this place even has traffic at 9am on a Saturday 🙄) we made it up to near Fort Lauderdale for our build. It’s was a rainy, wet morning, but what else is new?! 🤷🏼‍♀️“ K2C—we like to get wet!” We helped clean up some debris where a foundation is about to be laid—think moving large stomps, branches, raking sticks, and moving dirt-turned-mud in a trailer. When the waste was carried away, we found out that it weighed 10,000 pounds and saved the affiliate $3,000-$5,000 by us volunteering to help clear it out & take it away. Incredible!

We then had lunch with Kim, the CEO of the affiliate, who talked to us about affordable housing and her experiences in the field. Despite bringing our bathing suits and dry clothes, many of us we in wet clothes and/soaked shoes so Beth and NJ let us go thrifting at the local Goodwill for 15 minuets while they ran to grab a few groceries. I scored a sweet retro teal & white jacket and a black & white thermal for $10–score!

We then drove over to Key Biscayne where we had dinner with the Wanninkhofs—Suzette and Patrick’s parents’ house. Patrick was struck and killed by a distracted driver who was on her phone while he was riding with the 2015 Maine to Santa Barbara team. I remember me and my team finding out about the accident and how real it became that this happened to our Bike & Build family and can happen to us. It was surreal to be in his house, see their pictures, hear their stories, and share food with them. It was a true honor and blessing to get to meet Rik, Debbie, & Judy! My hope is that we, and they, continue to honor Patrick by always practicing safety whether driving or riding and to continue to inspire others—just like he did.

Please do not drive distracted!!!

After dinner and sharing a bit about our stories (beautiful tears were shed) we headed back to our host since we had a long day and had another long ahead of us—such is the life on Bike & Build! We showered (finally!) and prepped for our big ride to West Palm tomorrow—WEST PALM!! I found out I am going to be Nora Jane’s safety navigator for the day—which initially I was upset about but decided not to say anything bc the leaders have enough in their plate and this trip is not about me. More on that later....

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