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February 24th 2008
Published: March 5th 2008
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And so my time on the Carnival Destiny has come to an end. The day after my birthday and all of the (bittersweet) fun, I had to leave to transfer ships.

My last night on the ship was spent mostly getting organized to go, or hanging out with Jody while he got organized to go home. I went up to the crew bar for a bit. Final hugs and goodbyes to friends. I hate saying them! So many people here I'd like to just hang onto . . . Jody. Lonnel. Shale. Marc. Jacques. Duncan. Justine. George. Larry. Yetro . . . I could go on . . . I hate the open-ended goodbyes of ships, where you just don't know if you'll ever see these people again. And you know that you as a group will never be together again.

When I hugged Marc goodbye, he said to me, Try not to be too sad tomorrow. Life's too short. The world's too small. You'll see him again. I've been repeating that to myself ever since, like a mantra.

The last morning on the ship was filled with immigration, final packing, more waiting and some final goodbyes on
Me & JodyMe & JodyMe & Jody

He's been my best friend on the Destiny. I adore him. I can't begin to describe in this little space.
the gangway.

As I sat in the taxi headed to the San Juan airport, I looked up at the ship and thought back to when I first arrived in November. Completely afraid. Repeating over and over to myself that I was okay and I made the right decision to come back to ships. Then only 3 weeks after that, when I returned to the Destiny after my hospital drama in Barbados. Completely determined to get everything out of my time on that ship. Both times not knowing what lay ahead of me. Scared of what was to come. Excited about what was to come. Hopeful.

And then, I sat there in the taxi, looking up at the ship, that chapter closed.

At the airport, I got to have a final moment with Jody. I'd been wandering the terminal for a bit and spent some time on my laptop. I got up to wander and spotted him. We walked to his gate and sat together and just chatted until he was called to board. He kissed my cheek and said "How many goodbyes do I say to you?" He went through the gate and was gone. Then, after
"Jenellie & Lolo""Jenellie & Lolo""Jenellie & Lolo"

he was one of the first friends i made on the destiny. and such a good one.
many hours waiting in the airport, it was my turn to go, to leave San Juan. Hard to think that in another 3 weeks I'll be back for a port day with the Liberty. I'm still so consumed with the Destiny, I can't wrap my head around another ship.

It was nearly midnight by the time I got to my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale. Such a long day (seeing as I was up for immigration at 5am), especially after so many short nights this week. I was so drained by the time I got there.

This week in Fort Lauderdale has been completely uneventful. There's very very little near my hotel. One day I walked to Hollywood Beach. Thought it would take about an hour to get there. It took nearly two! I got there just in time for it to cloud over and rain. So much for the beach cheering me up.

And now the time has come to go onto my next ship, The Carnival Liberty. While I still feel unready to go, it's time to leave this hotel! It's been a long lonely week in Fort Lauderdale.

I'm really struggling to let
me & Lonnelme & Lonnelme & Lonnel

She's like a big sister to me. And it's meant the world.
go. Trying to remember that new experiences do not erase previous ones. There are more things to look forward to. That I have been blessed to have had this incredibly joyful experience here. But it's only the end to a chapter. There's more adventures ahead.

Meanwhile, for those who want it, here's the address to send me mail while on the Liberty:

Jeanette Hedley #403242
M/S Carnival Liberty, Club O2 Director
PO Box 025351
Miami, Fl 33102-5351

Additional photos below
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The Lovely ShaleThe Lovely Shale
The Lovely Shale

I'm gonna miss this girl
Me & DarnellMe & Darnell
Me & Darnell

First the Legend, then the Destiny. Next time . . . ?
Duncan, Me & QuentinDuncan, Me & Quentin
Duncan, Me & Quentin

I laughed so much with these guys.
Brydon, Jody, Jacques & MarcBrydon, Jody, Jacques & Marc
Brydon, Jody, Jacques & Marc

I love these boys. They all make me smile. Lots.
Me & TerriMe & Terri
Me & Terri

I'm lucky I'll get to see this girl again back home. yay Canada!
Me & JustineMe & Justine
Me & Justine

Maybe when her & the hubby come back to visit our home & native land, I'll be included too?
me, Jody, Allison & Loganme, Jody, Allison & Logan
me, Jody, Allison & Logan

at the Valentine's crew disco night
Me & MarcMe & Marc
Me & Marc

I'll do anything to keep this man happy and smiling. Cause he deserves it.
Adam, me & GeorgeAdam, me & George
Adam, me & George

These two are big bundles of energy and I love them for it.
me & Larryme & Larry
me & Larry

many great chats with Larry. often with wine. a lovely combo.
Yetro & OwenYetro & Owen
Yetro & Owen

Deck parties were great with Owen. And Yetro always dished out the hugs and massages . . . mmmmm . . .
Chris, George & AmyChris, George & Amy
Chris, George & Amy

at the goodbye birthday party
Me & LindaMe & Linda
Me & Linda

Linda is one of the doctors on the Destiny. And she's lovely.
me & Jacquesme & Jacques
me & Jacques

this man gave me one of the best compliments: "you're a good soul."
Me DJing in Club O2.Me DJing in Club O2.
Me DJing in Club O2.

Cause remember how I also worked on this ship?

5th March 2008

The end of one journey means the start of another!
Good luck on the Destiny Netter. I know you'll be fantastic and have yet another amazing experience. Mail should be reaching you VERY soon (if not already!)

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