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Published: January 25th 2010
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Well Hello from our new residence! The Ritz-Carlton at Pentagon City. WOW!!! That is all I have to say. This place rocks. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with a staff that caters to your every need. I mean it, If we asked for a unicorn they would put a horn on a pony, paint it pink and purple and bring it to our room. I am not sure why I said pink and purple, but when I think of a unicorn I always think of those colors 😊 As you can see from the pictures, the room has everything you need. Oh and by the way a mini fridge and high chair were delivered upon our request. Ballin!
OK enough about the life of luxury we are leading right now. I mean doesn't everyone have a magic phone that gets you what you want!?! No? j/k

Today was my first day without a job. It is a really weird feeling. It's crazy to think while everyone is going to work on Monday, I'll be chilling out. OK not really, but I won't be heading to work. I will be going to our house taking
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Bedroom looking into our living room
out nails, puttying, painting and cleaning. Wait, maybe I want to go back to work. That stuff doesn't sound very fun. Oh the price we pay. This week is pretty busy. Kenan has a massive list of stuff we have to do. If it's not on the list, then we are not doing it. Hold on, does that mean I have to pencil in time with my own husband!! I will have to check on that.

This is our week: Monday- Air Freight shipment, cleaning and other house stuff. Bank accounts, Id's & drivers license and the dentist for me! Fun times
Tuesday- Storage shipment, Kenan going to work, dinner with Katherine and Brandon- I mean hey you have to have some fun right?!
Wed. USDA for the dogs, passports and Kenan's dad is coming in to take the Volvo to Tx, take dogs to kennel
Thursday- ship the car and most important happy hour!
Friday- Back to the house for carpet cleaning and last min things. Repack everything and die of exhaustion!

And you thought we were just going to be sitting around doing nothing! Ha we fooled you.

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I hope to keep you all up dated. Thanks to all of the Teachers at Holmes, you made my last day very special and I hope to see some of you soon. Take care. We love all of you.

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living room

25th January 2010

Good Morning, Glad to see photos of your new "HOME"....Wow, this must be rough.....LOL Mama is still in denial! But, This is such an exciting adventure! Would love to see some photos posted of all of you!
27th January 2010

Thanks for the update! I hope you get some rest. I love this site and you mom is doing ok. Don't worry I will be there to give her hugs when she needs them. Love you all, Granny 2
5th February 2010

We hope you guys made it to Germany safely and you are settling in well. We look forward to more updates!

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