DC, Alexandria July 10-12

Published: July 27th 2010
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Saturday, July 10: Driving back to DC (Alexandria) today. Got leisurely start and finished packing car before it started raining. It poured most of the way into town, which slowed things down. Took about 4 hours to get to the Wyndham Old Town Alexandria (did a timeshare rental with someone I found on the TUG site: http://tugbbs.com/forums/ ). We stopped at McD’s for lunch near the west side of the Bay Bridge; traffic heading east was really backed up -- a dismal day to be heading to the beach for them, but just a one-day storm for us to drive back through. Check-in went smoothly and the parking is by hangtag and using a key card to go in and out -- works well. Nice to be in a one-bedroom. Kitchen is quite small, but functional -- mini-appliances, but better than a hotel micro-fridge. Really nice big bowls and coffee cups with the china. Went to Trader Joe’s and got a few things, but not a useful store for us (not even any regular French fries! -- that was my first time at TJ's, didn't really know what to expect; got a reasonably priced 6-pack of amber TJ beer). Had the
Metro stationMetro stationMetro station

DGS loves all train-related things -- all the Metro travel was a real highlight for him.
Aldi frozen steaks that I brought along. My bed is comfortable so DGS has both the new mattress pads on the sofa-bed, which it really needs. The Metro train runs outside our windows across the street, but noise not too much of a problem. And the station is right across the street and down one block (going out thru the parking garage). The room is smaller than many timeshare one-bedrooms, but just fine for us.

Sunday, July 11: Got up, showered, had a good breakfast and left room about 10 to go to the National Archives. Much smaller crowd than on the 3rd, altho we did have a bit of a wait outside. We saw the documents; DGS spent a fair amount of time at the exhibits in the “Public Vaults” rooms and we watched the movie (skipped the Civil War exhibit). His interest in seeing the NA seems to be related to the National Treasure movie. We went on to the Newseum (kids free, so it was $20.00 for both of us) and spent a few hours there, including a good lunch (rotisserie chicken and vegs, expensive fruit). They have lots of interactive computer things and DGS really
Passing by the White HousePassing by the White HousePassing by the White House

Too bad my MofC let me down and didn't get us tour tickets -- guess I should have tried harder.
got into the touch (wave) screen Ethics board to fill a front stage with stories. He was not able to go up on the 6th floor for the great view of the Capitol -- he is having major height issues. The building is very open in the middle of all 6 floors, and he would not even consider the glass elevator, but spent a lot of time enjoying all the interactive stuff. We hiked up through the courthouse park to the Building Museum; got there close to 4. $5.00 each for the Lego model room which included a large Lego play area that DGS worked in for 20-30 minutes. We didn’t see all the exhibit rooms; went through the one about parking garages -- guess an exhibit can be made about anything. He ran Hot Wheels cars down the model ramp while I looked around; then he watched the film clips of chases involving parking garages from many movies. We got on the Metro just after 5 at Judiciary Sq. and headed back. I went out to find Safeway (no cucumbers there either, but did get some fries). Food is really expensive at the small groceries in Alexandria -- and
Smokey Bear and DGSSmokey Bear and DGSSmokey Bear and DGS

A must-have photo in the Yates Bldg. The Forest Service Visitor Center is very small.
rent is high, close to $900 for a studio and up from there. Clear, hot day again, but only 90 -- makes a big difference being 9-10 degrees less, pretty much tolerable. DGS is very interested in the delivery of his new phone and has been studying it online. That seems to be tied to his wanting to go home. He got to watch Alien vs. Predator again; FX ran it again, with breaks demonstrating how the creatures/robots are made and operated.

Monday, July 12: Had a leisurely start to the day; slept in some. Meeting a friend from Forest Service days for lunch at her office close to MacPherson Sq station. Fed DGS a big brunch; since we were going to eat at a Thai restaurant, so he just nibbled on some salad stuff and I had shrimp Lad Na. Went up tomy friend's office for a few minutes and then walked down past the White House and to the WHVC, where DGS watched the movie and I looked at the displays (mostly photos and text) in a large open room. Walked past the Washington Mon. and got DGS a hot dog at the snack shop near there. Went to Yates bldg (Forest Service) and called another FS friend. She came down and got us and we spent a few minutes in her cubicle and then went to say Hi to a couple of friends from Detroit Ranger District days. It had started sprinkling and was getting to be more serious rain by the time we headed to the Metro. Got back before 5; DGS got on computer and TV and I went to the wine and cheese thing offered by the timeshare (welcome party) for a little while. He snacked and we went to the pool for a short time (it‘s tiny, and hot and stuffy); he spent more time in the fitness center on the bike, with its attached TV showing more AVP -- he rode the bike for nearly half an hour. Tried unsuccessfully to get to sleep earlier; he wanted to wait for his Mom to call back to say goodnight. We rode in the front of the Metro train this morning and he wanted to come back in the front also; he got the front seat both ways. It soesn't sound like we're seeing enough, but we really are -- it takes a while to walk (or ride) from one place to another, and there is always something to gawk at, everywhere (statues, sculptures, architecture, people, etc.).


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