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June 15th 2008
Published: June 22nd 2008
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Welcome to this summer’s essays entitled SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT. SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT will depict my journey starting in Delhi and moving on to the far Western Indian state of Rajasthan. From there, who knows? A traveler’s itinerary should never be set in stone. For me, that has always been the case.

The purpose of these essays is to document what South Asia feels like through my eyes and ears. They are raw, unfiltered, and very subjective. Moreover, they serve a purpose well beyond a replacement for sending postcards every three or four days. Let me explain what that means to you, the reader:

First of all, postings have only gone through a cursory edit. While in motion, it will be more important for me to get the information out and then go back and refine. Errors will appear in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Though, I make an effort to keep these at a minimum. Some paragraphs may read as rather incomplete or confusing. You may at times react aloud, “What in the world is this guy trying to say?”, “God, that’s awful” or “What’s the point?” This is normal. Please be patient with me.

Next, a lack of a serious second look at the entries may lead you and others to raise eyebrows for a different reason. Do not ever assume what you read will stay on in that form or not be deleted. I go through everything when I come home. “Wow, he shouldn’t have mentioned this.” “Whoa, that comment won’t go over well with so-and-so” or “That’s gonna tick a few folks off when they…” may surface. It won’t be the first time. Again, upon return, I reflect on such opinions and reconsider. If you become offended, well, too bad. Then please do not leave your house, turn on the TV or radio, or go to work.

Please be prepared for gaps in postings. They can come in once every three days. Multiple postings may go up at once. Then you may not hear from me for a while. There are still parts of the world where getting content online and posted is not the easiest of challenges. As a subscriber, you will be notified when there is something new. Also, if at any point you should to be removed from the mailing list, it will be done. No questions asked.

If new to this mailing list, please visit There are three books and other essays online, ready for you. If you encounter others who would like to read these accounts and join the mailing list, please either send me their details to SAPERE18@HOTMAIL.COM or make them aware of the direct link.

From 25 June to 27 August, it is also possible to keep in touch with me. I encourage feedback and comments. From time to time, I find myself in a rut, ill, or downtrodden. Your thoughts and words do uplift me. Please connect with me at my email address or through the comment option on the entry page. Really, I do read them.



Here is hoping you have a fruitful and enjoyable summer. Be happy and safe. I will try to do the same. Though, some of you will have concluded differently before very long.

- Richard Incorvati.


22nd June 2008

Looking forward
Hi Richard. I am so looking forward to your comments on your adventures. Be safe!
23rd June 2008

Thank you
Will do. Keep the replies and feedback coming. Cheers, me.

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