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August 6th 2006
Published: August 12th 2006
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A Dining Adventure Indeed!A Dining Adventure Indeed!A Dining Adventure Indeed!

The Elephant Bar certainly delivered on its promise.

Day 2 - Evening Entertainment - August 6, 2006

We went back to the hotel and Austin and I went for a refreshing swim. Afterwards, Scott and I decided to take the kids to eat at The Elephant Bar, a place that we had eaten at before. Arriving at a busy hour, we went outside to dutifully wait with our assigned pager. Almost immediately, we had a couple of motorcyclists drive up on the sidewalk behind us, apparently to park. Just as quickly, a motorcycle cop drove up behind them and asked them what they thought they were doing. They replied that there was no parking left in the lot and they were going to park on the sidewalk! (Was this one of the 3 D's talking?) The officer calmly informed them that there was "no driving on the sidewalk and no parking on the sidewalk." He then proceeded to write them each a ticket.

The novelty of this event had begun to wear off when we heard someone shouting across the street. Something about "_____" cop won't do anything!" It first seemed that this big guy in a sleeveless t-shirt was asking for help from the motorcycle cop, but
No ParkingNo ParkingNo Parking

Parking restrictions (especially on the sidewalk) are taken very seriously in Fremont, CA
it soon became apparent that he was taunting the cop. Someone else came out of a small drive behind the guy and the big guy began to threaten him. Motorcycle cop motioned over to someone behind us and used his fists to mimic fighting. There was no resulting action. Things started heating up across the street. The guys on the motorcycles started telling the cop "Shouldn't you go take care of that?", etc... Amazing how quickly they became concerned citizens. They even told the cop they would wait for him while he went over and took care of the situation. The cop clearly was torn.

Then big guy pushed the other guy against a tree trunk and held him there while throwing punches. Things had definitely escalated. Motorcycle cop gave a sharp whistle and 6 beefy guys immediately rose up from one of the outside tables. It appeared that they were regular citizens (who incidentally worked out a lot at the gym) until one of them pulled out a big walkie-talkie. They moved awfully quick and within 10 seconds had unholstered efficient-looking weapons and were across the four lane boulevard (plus center turn lane), pointing their weapons at the
Take DownTake DownTake Down

The situation across the street was handled very efficiently and professionally.
two men. It was truly amazing! So much so that we forgot to take pictures at first. We had thought that motorcycle cop was motioning to cops in a patrol car parked next to the restaurant, but it turned out that several apparently off-duty police officers were getting ready to enjoy a meal together. There were also several other policemen visible in the area as well. Is this particular area of Fremont in need of more police attention than the rest? I wouldn't presume to know, but Fremont law enforcement is more than able and ready to handle anything. (We have been informed that Fremont is listed in the top 10 safest cities in the USA with a population over 200,000).

Just as the excitement was winding down, our pager buzzed and we were shown to our table (read: boys not bored at all). I am glad to report that the police officers were wrapping up their meal when we left the restaurant. I hoped they enjoyed their meal as much as we did. The boys declared it to be one of the "best" evenings out in a long time. I must admit there is nothing like drawn weapons and strobe lights to aid the digestion. Of course, maybe we missed the cameras that were recording the next episode of "COPS."


16th August 2006

fun vacation
we are enjoying your vacation as much if not more than you are! Unfortunately I see police escapades like that almost every day in Houston! Let the good times roll!!!

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