Day Four: Universal studios.

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September 15th 2012
Published: September 15th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Today we caught the train to Universal studios. I’m really getting the hang of this transport system, and everything seems to be 10-15minutes away from each other. I picked up a front of the line pass at the Universal Studios gate for $120 where I can access everything without having to wait. Definitely worth it since other people would wait from 10 to 40 minutes in queue. This was a school day too so there weren’t many kids around. The Universal studios tour was awesome! They take you around on a railed shuttle and see all the movie sets where they filmed previous television shows and movies. You see loads of old movie sets and they explain how most the filming takes place. It’s not just a sight seeing tour of the studio sets; they also take you through some awesome rides while you’re still in this railed shuttle. We got to experience an earthquake while in a subway and I tried to punch Jaws in the face as it jumped out of the water. But the best was the King Kong 360 3D: Return to Skull Island. King Kong defends us from a bunch of dinosaurs. It’s super realistic. The
best part though is when Kong lays the smackdown on the T-Rex, there's a punch in the face which sprays you with water. Awesome.

I also met my first celebrity today, the current Lassie! After snapping a shot with the old girl I moved onto the rides, where I spent the rest of he day.
After a full day at Universal studios it was time to just take it easy and relax in the heat for the rest of the night, because tomorrow we head to Disneyland!

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