Day 1: Coast to Coast and Across the Atlantic

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October 19th 2010
Published: October 25th 2010
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Trying to Get a GripTrying to Get a GripTrying to Get a Grip

It turns out that learning more practicle things like the coinage and where to find a Public WC might have been time better spent.....
I read on one website that one should start planning a trip to England about 6 months in advance. The lady was wrong—8 months would be preferable: really , really preferable. We had about 3 weeks to plan, so by the time that Caitlin and I had our basic plan in place, our really very, very, basic plan, it was time to get on the airplane. London, England we are flying to see you via Virgin Atlantic. At least we have our hotel reservations.
Caitlin is doing amazingly well with getting on board the plane—especially since I forgot if I had locked the car and had to ditch her in front of the International Terminal while I rode the shuttle back to re-lock the car. We just had time to stuff in a terrible airport lunch before it was time to get ourselves settled in our very small space. And we are off!!! And the guy in front of me reclines his seat all the way into my lap for the entire trip. I am learning to drink a glass of wine at a slant—my tray table won’t extend with his head just below my chin. Dinner—not too bad
Caitlin the Brave!Caitlin the Brave!Caitlin the Brave!

Ready for take-off, Caitlin? Caitlin? Ready Caitlin?
and on Virgin it is free, as well as the drinks, unless you want water which you just can’t get. Note: bring water on return trip. Now, a red Virgin blankie and time to sleep----sort of.


25th October 2010

Max. you have to tell us how the trip goes!!!! Ahhhh, England! the Land of Shakespeare and Dickens and Queen Liz I, and Henry II! Richard III! The Beatles! The Who! ahhhh, beautiful England. :)
26th October 2010

Let it be officially known that we are climbing the country side...walking does not entail climbing sticks and large boulders. Love, Max

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