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March 30th 2007
Published: March 30th 2007
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Coming Home



This is near where I fainted! Look how hard the stones look...yep...the Incas didn't mess around when they built things.

Coming Home
Robyn and Aaron
As some of you may already know, I am currently recovering from jaw surgery at my parents' house in Agoura Hills, CA. I am doing better, and Aaron and my parents, as well as numerous family and friends have been a tremendous help--I don't know what I would do without them!

Here is what happened:

Last Friday, Aaron and I had just landed in Cusco, Peru (elev. 3,400 m) after coming from Lima, Peru (sea level). We spent about 2 hours resting and drinking coca tea and taking altitude sickness pills, thinking that we would be alright for our city tour that afternoon. We went to tour a site where a colonial cathedral was built on top of an Incan temple (incredible), and right after I had asked a question in the Sun Temple, I felt dizzy and nauseated and very strange. I reached back to tell Aaron, but I fainted quickly afterwards and (in Aaron's words) "went down like a tree after it was chopped down". I was unconscious for a few seconds, and with some help, I was escorted to the First Aid station, where they helped dress the wound on my chin and gave me
A room with a viewA room with a viewA room with a view

Not bad, if you're staying in a hospital!
oxygen. As contradictory as the cathedral-temple, there were depictions of the virgin above my head as they covered my shivering body with blankets of traditionally weaved alpaca wool.

Dr. Eduardo Luna arrived on his motorcycle wearing his leather jacket, and we took a taxi to a private hospital, where the doctor, who spoke amazing english, stitched up my wounds and lent me his jacket (it was cleaner than the blankets there).

After taking another taxi to get x-rays done, I also got a cat scan and they determined that I had suffered a minor concussion and broken my jaw in 2 places, requiring surgery. I had the choice to do the surgery in Peru, or to return to the United States. I opted for the latter.

We spent the night in the small hospital, with a gorgeous view of Cusco, and with the nurses coming in every 10 minutes, speaking Spanish and Quechua (I tried to learn it, but pain medication has a way of helping you forget things). They were some of the nicest ladies I have ever met.

My dad is incredible--he set up flights for us back home the next day. We went
Dr. Eduardo Luna and meDr. Eduardo Luna and meDr. Eduardo Luna and me

This guy helped me with everything--from dealing with health insurance to lending me his leather jacket.
straight to UCLA Hospital Emergency when we arrived, and now I am safe at home with my jaw "wired shut", so as long as I can keep myself from craving solid foods, I should be fine.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support as we go through this process--we're planning on going back to traveling as soon as I recover, as missing out on our travel plans is one of the hardest things to cope with!


30th March 2007

crap on a crap cracker!
That sucks least you didn't chip your tooth though:)
30th March 2007

rabyn rabyn rabyn rabyn rabyn....I'm a dork
30th March 2007

I've really sorry to hear that you had to cut your vacation short. Thats too bad. I am however glad to hear that you are being taken care of well. I hope you get better really really quickly. We should talk soon!
30th March 2007

Oh my gosh!
I am so glad you are ok...this is so least you are home safe with your family. I know you can't speak, but I am going to call and check up on you later. Sending you lots of positive energy and love, Laur
30th March 2007

whoa!!! was it just the altitude that amde you pass out? or did you have a miraculous vision of the Virgin dressed in Incan robes? cuz that woudl've been awesome. get better, my little metal mouth! and rock it with the south america! how cool are you?
31st March 2007

tis but a scratch
sorry to hear about your ordeal, my dearest. but chin up (couldn't resist!) i know you and that you're smiling through it all, as best you can. youll be back on the road in no time-i should know, i think you and i are woven of the same fabric. do continue to keep us posted-i enjoy hearing from you. god this was sappy. fuck off bitch! there, now i feel better.
6th April 2007

Hey girl. Monica told me a little while ago and I am so sad for you right now, though it does sound like an adventure. I think i drunk dialed you a week or so ago...i hope it was good...i dont remember. Just know that i think about you everyday. Drop me a note or give me a call once you can speak again. I had a wine wednesday Scrabble night with Laurie yesterday and she tried to get points off the word vaj. Not only is it spelled abriviation...but also a dirty word. You would have laughed. Good times...i miss you.
11th April 2007

What a role model!!!
I'm so very, very glad to hear you are recovering rapidly. You youngsters can to that!! Your positive outlook is helping you heal all the faster. Are you out to see the world these days??? Here's hoping you can continue on your journey with Aaron very soon. I'm totally green with envy that you have the Galapagos Islands in your immediate future!! What a fabulous adventure you are having and will have. I'm sending all good and positive thoughts for your road to complete wellness. Love and kisses, m'dear.

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