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January 28th 2007
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Tom and Ollie at ChristmasTom and Ollie at ChristmasTom and Ollie at Christmas

Tom and Ollie will be left in Blackpool while we swan off to California
All though January we kept trying to work out what to do in Feb and March. Last Wednesday we hit on the idea of ‘doing’ California. We have this tick list of ‘things to do before we die’ and with a 2 month window of time it seems quite a few of them will be ticked off on this trip. Particularly Las Vegas, a Dude ranch, monument valley, San Fransisco and the list goes on.

Andy has been a star researcher and booked our return flight from Manchester and a rather flash looking hire car for 7 weeks. Mind you anything is flashy compared to our little Bellendo!!

He found this amazing family run ‘dude’ ranch in Arizona and after trying for 2 days managed to book us in for a week. Obviously very thrilled with this success he keeps whistling ‘Rawhide’ or some similar tune, whereas I have the image of the reality of a ‘raw hide’ after 7 days in the saddle! It’s funny but we only discovered today that this ranch style holiday was on both of our ‘to do’ lists - so it should be lots of fun.

We woke up this morning with a rather large hangover after a huge family ‘do’ for my cousin’s 50th. We have only a couple of days to get our bags packed and close down the apartment in Blackpool for a few weeks so things were running a bit slow today.

Difficulty is trying to pack light - but what the hell - we’ll just buy stuff in we need as we go along. Andy has been very successful in leaving just the clothes he wants in either France or on the boat in Greece so he is getting a bit desperate for choices!! I will be straight into the nearest Mall to buy some hair staighteners and toiletries and then I’m sorted.

It will be sad to wave goodbye to Tom and Ollie who are at the very cutest of ages. Ollie particularly is developing more and more daily so we will see a big difference on our return.


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