Travelling to Yosemite

Published: September 4th 2008
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Friday 22nd August
We slept in for once and left the hotel ready to gym it for a second time in South San Fran , however we weren't so lucky this time as both gyms we tried we charge day pass rates and $15 dollars each for a run seemed a little too much! So we headed to the beach instead determined to crack the surfing thing!! We hired (sorry RENTED!!) boards and this time essential wet suits.

As the fog was still hanging over San Fran at 2pm in the afternoon it seemed surfing was the only thing to do at the beach. However the ocean seemed a little bit rough and we were soon feeling like we had done a fast spin in a washing cycle and neither of us had much success in getting up on the board.

Feeling very tired, we then set off on our journey eastward to Yosemite! On the way we stopped for a surprisingly nice meal at the family owned Hayward Fishery and restaurant. Portions were huge, but that didn't stop us ordering platefuls!
Now running later than anticipated, and darkness all around, we finally arrived at Yosemite National Park after midnight.

When checking in the receptionist gave us the low down on 'bear safety' essential for any stay at the park (i.e. no food anywhere in car, tents, or walking areas). Suitably scared, we gingerly parked the car in the overflow area. While I emptied the car of food, trash, toiletries and anything that had a smell, Gra went to use the washroom....... minutes later, he returned looking a little shaken, he then told me of his bear encounter, ha ha ha! Lost looking for the washroom, he heard a loud scream near the trash bins, headed in the opposite direction, and then came across a ranger van with headlights pointing directly at a bear and cub sitting on the grass enjoying a midnight snack. As he was only meters away, he quickly turned round and hurriedly walked back to tell me the tale!

Trauma over, we crept to our canvas tent (best described as the field tents in the American series MASH. Very basic, and all bunched together side by side, row after row - you could definitely tell who the snorers were (including me).
A pretty sleepless night then ensued as the pair of us tried to adjust to our new surroundings. The thought of bears all around us, and the fact that the nearest toilet was still a five minute walk away, didn't help our cause. Needless to say, we were both glad to see the dawn sunshine beaming through the side window of our new canvas home on Saturday morning!


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