Lake Tahoe, Too Much Snow, and the Return of the Stiff Neck

Published: May 16th 2010
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Emerald Bay, Lake TahoeEmerald Bay, Lake TahoeEmerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
The next morning in South Lake Tahoe was one of the worst. The neck problem that I thought was on the way out from the acupuncture was back with a vengeance. Now I was really depressed about it, since it's not a very fun way to start one's vacation. After taking a very small hike near emerald bay, I went to a local health food store which sold supplements and herbs and bought a few different items that I hoped would help, some topical and some internal. Then I drove north along Lake Tahoe looking for a place to camp or park. This whole are is heavily regulated and inconspicuous places to park are seemingly impossible to find. Also, almost all of the campground were still closed for the winter, not that I would have been willing to pay the exorbitant prices anyway. I think I ended up somewhere north of Truckee before I found a place that I thought would be safe to park. Though I decided that I was just not being bold enough and that finding a place to set up for the night around Lake Tahoe was a challenge that I should do better on. So, newly motivated, I returned to Lake Tahoe and spent the night in a residential neighborhood in S Lake Tahoe. It just took a little looking around and thinking about which places don't attract attention from nosy people and are unlikely to be patrolled.

The next day my neck was starting to feel better, possibly from the kitchen sink of herbs and supplements I was throwing at it. I decided what I really needed was to move around, as in go on a long hike, to really kick this thing. Unfortunately, all of the trailheads in this part of the sierras were pretty much snowed out. I tried one out, thinking I could hack it, only to find my leg going thigh deep in the snow. I figured I'll head to Camp 4 in Yosemite Valley to heal my neck for awhile and just GET OUT OF THE CAR. Headed over Ebbett's Pass (Route 4) and into Yosemite National Park.


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