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Published: June 27th 2012
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Hi Guys and Dolls.

Sorry for the lack of recent activity on the blog but the past week can only be described as hectic!

At the time of writing this i was in San Jose airport waiting for a flight to Burbank, Los Angeles. Which as luck would have it was cancelled!

Anyway enough of that! My first week in Carmel Valley didn't exactly work out as i had planned and come friday i was on my way and out of there back to Monterey. Before you come to your own conclusions i wasn't kicked out of the camp haha! It was more of a case of not working out as planned!

I spent the following weekend in Monterey which consisted of staying in rubbish motels, watching ESPN and eating crappy junk food! Heaven you may think but when you're stuck in the arsehole of nowhere and having a pannick it is not fun!

The Saturday I spent in an english pub! Quite the home comfort with fish and chips and football or 'soccer' as the yanks call it! I managed to sneak in a beer with a fellow English man who claimed to work for the pentagon!

After this i had to find a motel which wasn't great but served a purpose and the evening was spent watching The Miami Heat and The Boston Celtics in the play-offs!

Thankfully during this time i'd managed to sort out a new camp at canyon creek! Which is north of LA near to Magic Mountain for those of you who know it!

After numerous conversations with Nathalie and Daryl the camps directors it was time to pack my bags for my Monday flight to Burbank and here we are!

Until the next time!



27th June 2012

Sounds like you are having a good time, glad you managed to find a new camp OK and find the English pub!! Enjoy the junk food (but not too much haha!)
27th June 2012

More of this please
Well it was a long time coming but sort of worth the wait! Pictures and more of this please, I want to know everything you are doing!!! Miss you x

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