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In September 2011 we rented a car from Hertz, and went for a week long road trip. Our starting point was Santa Clarita in Los Angeles county, the city where my daughter and family live. This entry is about our travels and stops in these two Western states of the US. California to Oregon We were planning to leave my daughter's house early in the morning, but couldn't do so as the Hertz people told us to wait until they called us to pick up the car at their office in downtown Santa Clarita. They called us only around 10 am, and one of their employees came to fetch us. After completing all the paperwork at the Hertz office we took our rental car back to my daughter's house to load our luggage. We didn't have ... read more
Santa Clarita, California
Oxnard, California
Southern California

North America » United States » California » Santa Clarita November 27th 2014

Hello world, we're back after another full day of activities. This morning we headed to Rancho Deluxe in Santa Clarita - the site of many movies and television shows, including Bones, Wipeout, CSI and even Utopia. We got a personalised tour by the owner, who toured us around and showed us a range of sites that he'd built. It was a truly amazing experience. We saw the site where Abraham Lincoln was "born" in a recent movie and even the location where Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler have filmed. Does that give us any movie cachet?? We did our first mail home of the trip too... Caution advised here. If you use a mailing/packing company, check the price first. This hurt. A lot. Next we visited the local Rotary Club and handed over a copy of ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Clarita November 26th 2014

Hello world! We've arrived in California and are happily settled in Santa Clarita with our lovely friends. The flight was wonderful, except for the lady in 62F who decided to recline until breakfast at 4.00am. Bah Humbug! Good thing Charlotte didn't need to go to the toilet a lot. Then when our friend Ken picked us up and took us our for breakfast in a diner. Yes, they do complimentary refills. :D The girls had pancakes with cream and strawberries and they were huge! I'm not sure of the name of the diner though... But if I find out, I'll mention it in another blog. After that, we headed to their place and dropped our bags off then went to Walmart. We had the best server - Marina(??) She set up our phones for us - ... read more

Hi Guys and Dolls. Sorry for the lack of recent activity on the blog but the past week can only be described as hectic! At the time of writing this i was in San Jose airport waiting for a flight to Burbank, Los Angeles. Which as luck would have it was cancelled! Anyway enough of that! My first week in Carmel Valley didn't exactly work out as i had planned and come friday i was on my way and out of there back to Monterey. Before you come to your own conclusions i wasn't kicked out of the camp haha! It was more of a case of not working out as planned! I spent the following weekend in Monterey which consisted of staying in rubbish motels, watching ESPN and eating crappy junk food! Heaven you may ... read more

Today we headed out at about 9 to make it to Six flags by 10.30. We got there about 11 cos it was a bit of a mission getting there but we managed without getting too lost! You’d think you would have seen it from miles away with its 18 rollar coasters but no! We were pretty blown away when we got inside and it was El’s first time at a theme park so was exciting times! It was a stinking hot day so on we slapped the sunscreen then headed off to start some rides. On the brochure it was split into sections starting from the less scary rides to the most scary. We wanted to get through everything so started at the start but after about an hour realised there was wayyyy too many ... read more

Breakfast was lovely, the waffles seemed to taste better, also had scrambled eggs and some delicious sauté potatoes. Drove to 6 Flags Magic Mountain which was only 5 minutes up the road. The park looked small from the side of the road but was huge when you got in there. It was laid out like all other theme parks. Turned right when we got in on the advice of the attendant and got on the first 4 rides with no queues at all. Passed a theatre which said JLS was on at 6 o’clock, i spent all day not quite believing it but sure enough they were, more of that later. Went on the Batman ride which was ok, then Riddler’s revenge, which is the only stand up roller coaster in the world. It had quite ... read more

(The Master's College) This is the smorgasbord of pictures! They've been taken throughout our stay at TMC, and I want to share them. I think the explanations will suffice! We are leaving Wednesday morning, as are Dave and Wanda, who are headed to Arizona to spend time in the daylight. They're then headed to South Dakota for the summer. Wayne and Lois are leaving later in the day, and they're headed home to Albertauntil next January. Peter and Marlene will be leaving for home (Saskatchewan) on Friday, and they, too, are done until next January. Kyle and Carolyn are going to spend two more weeks doing volunteer work at the college, which will allow them time to do more sightseeing, as well as giving spring more time to get to Illinois! They're also finished until ... read more
Inventory reduction
Group Shot
Lunchtime entertainment

(The Master’s College) I wanted to go see the landslides at Malibu, so that’s where Bob and I headed this morning….and ended up at Venice Beach. (It’s south of Malibu about 20 miles) It was warm enough that we didn’t put on a jacket even in the morning, and got up to 94 degrees before the day was over. We sat on the beach and watched the surfers in the morning, and then after lunch we walked the beach, and found a whole lot going on…I’ll include pictures. ALL kinds of people..we learned that it’s one of the more liberal beaches. I didn't get pictures of the vendors along the sidewalk, but they were in tents, side by side. On the other side of the sidewalk were the small shops, packed in side by side. There ... read more
Notice the sailboats on the horizon?
One spot along the beach,
This is the far end of the court.

Good Friday (The Master’s College) Friday~~Tour Day. This morning we left at 6am (that’s in the morning. Our lifestyle doesn’t mess around with 6am very often!) to go on what turned out to be the best tour we’ve ever been on. We traveled for a little over an hour to go to place that passes out food to people who then distribute it to the needy. We circled for prayer before we left the campus (we always do before we leave as a group) and got to the distribution point in time for a little introduction, and then their prayer time, which included the loaders (all volunteer) and the receivers (those picking up food.) There were probably 40 cars lined up waiting for whatever food they could get….we passed out assorted crackers, cookies, cereal, from the ... read more
7:00 AM
Looking at the water station.
10:45 AM

(The Master’s College) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We've been without internet for the past week (the college kids were on spring break, so they took that time to work on the computer about suffering!) But anyway, I'll get some entries on as quickly as I can. Saturday we went with Wayne and Lois to Solvang; a village about two hours from here. It is a Dutch town settled by a group of people from Pennsylvania, whose goal was to keep their heritage alive. The buildings are of that style, as well as the clothing in the stores, and the food and pastries~~oh, let’s talk about the Danish pastries! And you could buy wooden shoes of any type. We also toured an old Spanish Mission. I’ll include some details along with the pictures. It was a ... read more
This is a shop, not a house,
They asked for volunteers,
Not what you picture

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