Hello little girl!!

Published: June 29th 2012
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The purpose of our trip to California was to meet our expected grandchild. Well she's here!! 20 days early but both mum and baby are doing well, little Kyla couldn't wait to arrive. One minute we were on our way to eat dinner in a restaurant overlooking the harbour the next minute we diverted to the hospital and she arrived into the world just over 3 hour later!

She's gorgeous, I know I'm biased but she IS!!

We're now running around frantically to get everything ready for her to come home tomorrow. I think I'm going to be busy for a while!

We were expecting to have 3 weeks to get to know our way around here but it's amazing how fast you can adapt when needed.

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29th June 2012

Hi to you both, I know the weather in the UK has been well to put it mildly dreadful but when are you going to grace our shores again! Really pleased that you were in time for the birth and yes mother & daughter look magnificent. Even Stan looks elated. Enjoy your stay & see you when you are home. Dave
29th June 2012

Kyla Tomasi
Congratulations to you all, she is gorgeous Stan definitely looks like Grandpa and so does Sheila
30th June 2012

hello little girl
congratulations to everyone hi to little kyla and enjoy parenting luv you all janet simmo xxxxxx
3rd July 2012

Well done to you all. That was unexpected as it has taken me all my time to keep up with your wanderings in the East. Love to you all and enjoy every minute of her! Love the name! Are you going to emigrate to America now to see much more of her !!

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