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January 16th 2015
Published: January 16th 2015
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Like our whole trip our last 2 days have been eventful. On Wednesday we had another sleep in, hit the streets for the morning and had a look at Chinatown, San Fran has the biggest Chinatown is the biggest in North America. It was just like Sydney's but bigger with plenty of people haggling you into their food shops. With it being bigger it had more traditional building and red lanterns along the whole Main Street. We looked around and found a place which sold its roof by the pound so gave that a go. After our visit we walked around, got lost and went to pick up our car. Picking up our car wasn't as straight forward as it should have been. Our pickup location was a rather fancy motel, which looked like it was the hub of the conference with the Middle aged men in suits who filled the bar. The motel had security only letting people in with an official tag, we had to explain we needed to pick our car up to which a guard walked us to the office as if we were going to sneak into a conference. While waiting we didnt fit the dress code, apparent jeans, jumpers and hats aren't good enough for a conference which one person had a good look at us, pulled a face and kept walking. After dealing with the very helpful Hertz man we went to pick our up from the vallet. We knew we were getting a convertible but didn't expect it to be a bright blue mustang. We had planned to get out of the city once we got the car and we did, after driving down Lombard street twice. We then headed over the Golden Gate Bridge for a look around. Over the bridge there wasn't much after Sausalito. We drove around, had a look and headed to Oakland which is a rather rough place. We we down the main streef then headed for the basketball, not before getting lost and driving through the wrong neighbourhood. Driving in the wrong neighbourhood would normally be scary, but when you are in a bright blue convertible it is even worse as everyone stopped and stared at us. We made it to the Basketball, found what we thought were our seats where we enjoyed the first quarter before the rightful owners showed up. We then found out we were in the wrong section which was actually a good thing as our seats were a lot better. The basketball was a good game and after we got to go into the court and shoot a free throw. This was super excited, Theresa's effort was good, however, Ryan air balled his shoot which he was rather disappointed about. We headed home where we were given a tip about cheap parking so we headed there, saw why it was cheap and headed for the hotel vallet, a lot safer option.

We went to bed excited for highway 1. We were up early, hit the road and were amazed with just how great the road was. Around every bend was another amazing view as we stoppe no less than 25 times to soak it up. We saw 2 pods of Dolphins and about 6 different groups of whales, including one pod of 6 with some others near them. We could bang on all day about his amazing it was but will let the photos do that for us. We are safe at a nice motel for the night before having a look at Hearst Castle in the morning and head to LA. Apparently the best of the trip is behind us however the next but is meant to be very nice.

Where we stopped for lunch was really nice. It was a deck on the beach with a nice view over the ocean. At that time it was a bit hazy and we could in the middle if the ocean it looked like there were mountain or a big island there. Not sure what it was as we asked the waiter thinking it might be a silly question, as it looked like mainland but wasn't where you think it would be. She told us that it was mainland and that we were in a huge arch along the coastline, she ensured us that our question wasn't that silly as they get it a bit, even some people who asked if it was Hawaii or Japan.

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Paddocks with a viewPaddocks with a view
Paddocks with a view

Here there are cow paddocks. At the beginning of the road there were heaps of pumpkin and other fruit and veg fields along the beach.

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