Hearst Castle - on the way to San Fran!

Published: April 11th 2010
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8th April
Stopped off at Hearst Castle on the way to San Francisco - William Randolph - as in the paper mogul. What an estate he had! WR hosted many spectacular parties in his day with guests such as Bette Davis, Clarke Gable, Greta Garbot etc., flying them in on his private plane to his own air strip. There are three guest houses, an underground swimming pool (as well as the standard ground level), tennis courts, movie theatre with the main house Casa Grande containing 38 bedrooms and 41 bathrooms (119 rooms in total). WR didn't start building this extravaganza until he was 60 (his mother wouldn't let him as she thought he would go overboard - ya think?). We hope you enjoy the photos we took. We certainly enjoyed the tour!

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11th April 2010

Huge huge huge
My my what a place, mansion? Gosh, you rekon I can have one if I win the big lotto and invite all the celebrities and the Rappers can mingle huh? What a dream ............................................ Someday my dreams come true ......................oops somebody woke me up. wake up to reality baby!
11th April 2010

My kind of place.......love it!
12th April 2010

Hi Fanny! Hope you enjoyed the photos. This place was unbelievably huge! This man was spending 50k a day on artifacts for this castle in the 1920's. Convert that to todays spend and he was spending an enormous amount. Talk about having too much money.

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