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March 19th 2010
Published: March 19th 2010
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It's weird doing this. I started a Live Journal my junior year of high school and kept it going for years, but that was blogging before the term was blogging was even in vogue... But anyways... I'm still in the states obviously, and just checking this shiznit out.

I leave in five days. The 23rd of March. Tuesday morning. 8:40 in the AM. I arrive in Barcelona Spain at 7:30am on the 24th. w00t. I even have a place to stay when I get there! It's amazing right? I know.

I've got my Eurail Pass, which is how most of my traveling will be done. So far, in my head, the trip is Barcelona to Madrid, night training to Paris, night it to Florence, then to Rome. This will all be done by 15th of April, which is when I have to be back in Barc for my return flight. I may hit up more cities too since some of my travel days on the train are freed up now that I'm going to take a plane from Rome to Barc, it just makes more sense. Around 55 Euros and an hour and a half in transit, or 19 hours at the least by train... not much of a question there.

So lets see, I need to get a money belt. A copy of my documents, passports, etc. Get some sort of overseas data plan so I can use my iPhones lovely GPS... and I guess thats it... I'm ready to go. Damn it, I shouldn't have quit my job a full week early! Now I've got way too much time to sit around with my traitorous thoughts!


20th March 2010

Woooo Hoooo!
Way to go, David! You will be making lifelong memories...and seeing amazing things along the way. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and adventures. Travel smart and have fun.
21st March 2010

For starters...
...you could always cook dinner?
21st March 2010

Hey David, When you get a money belt, I would recommend the kind that is worn under your shirt because they are harder to pick pocket. Too bad you aren't up in Denver otherwise you could just steal mine. (assuming it could be found with most of our stuff being boxed up).
23rd March 2010

12 hours until your flight leaves!!!!
23rd March 2010

Heh, thanks Mindy... I assume this is you... that's the exact kind I got

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