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North America » United States » California » San Rafael February 5th 2014

There's no place like home for me. I missed my dog, my California life and friends! M continuing on in Europe in Asia. See you soon buddy.... read more
Sleeping beauty
Big boy

North America » United States » California » San Rafael October 8th 2012

Saturday Oct. 6th - Andy and I biked to the grocery store (kinda). We got lost and went a few miles past the grocery store and then on the way back we saw Mattuci's bar in San Anselmo. We took some pictures because they had a cool statue of the blues brothers. We made breakfast when we got back to Sue and Fritz' (at 2pm because we got lost). Sunday Oct. 7th - Really Great day - Fritz and Sue treated Andy and I to a delicious breakfast at "Comforts" in San Anselmo. I had my first fig that wasn't in a fig-newton. They brought us to the San Fransisco Theology Seminary and we saw incredible views of the valley and some really Scottish-looking buildings. We stood infront of the Stewart Memorial Chapel at Geneva Hall ... read more
At Geneva Hall
At Geneva Hall
Robson-Harrington Park

North America » United States » California » San Rafael October 5th 2012

We've been in California for 4 days now. Tuesday Oct. 2 - Arrived in Palo Alto California at 1am and stayed with Kiel's Aunt (Linda) and Uncle (Rand). Linda and Rand let us stay in their beautiful home for a couple nights and it was so great getting to know them. Kiel's family was really nice. Kiel left in the morning so Andy and I went to Ocean View to get lunch at Sono Sushi which had sushi boats floting around and was really awesome. Wednesday Oct. 3 - Andy and I drove to San Anselmo to meet his Aunt (Sue) and Uncle (Fritz). They took us to Fairfax for burritos and we had lunch in a park and then drove to Bolinas CA which was a town of hippies and crazies. There were also fisherman ... read more
Bolinas, CA
Naked Surfing Area
High School Reunion

North America » United States » California » San Rafael April 20th 2010

Well all, it's been about five days since I got back to the states. It's been strange. My sleep still isn't what it should be... but whatever. This is the wrapup. I wanted to sort of consider what I learned, and what has changed, before leaving this thing behind until my next time... because there will be a next time. The biggest thing I learned is to be much more self reliant. I've sure as hell never been a co-dependant person... but I still never did much on my own before. Trips were planned by others, with family or friends, even going out, if no one was around I stayed in. I'd like to think this has changed... and I'm going to try to keep it that way. Already I've found that I have much less ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Rafael March 22nd 2010

24 hours from now I will have already left the airport in Atlanta. I will be on my way. AHHHHHHHH excitement wars with nerves creating a very annoying butterflies sensation.... read more

North America » United States » California » San Rafael March 19th 2010

It's weird doing this. I started a Live Journal my junior year of high school and kept it going for years, but that was blogging before the term was blogging was even in vogue... But anyways... I'm still in the states obviously, and just checking this shiznit out. I leave in five days. The 23rd of March. Tuesday morning. 8:40 in the AM. I arrive in Barcelona Spain at 7:30am on the 24th. w00t. I even have a place to stay when I get there! It's amazing right? I know. I've got my Eurail Pass, which is how most of my traveling will be done. So far, in my head, the trip is Barcelona to Madrid, night training to Paris, night it to Florence, then to Rome. This will all be done by 15th of April, ... read more

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