Walkin' To San Fran

Published: August 14th 2014
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There's been a few destinations along the way, but here is a documentation of my walk to San Francisco from San Luis Obispo. Truth be told, I didn't walk the ENTIRE way because it turns out that over 250 miles is actually quite difficult.

Before heading out, I sent home a good deal of my belongings. I kept a sleeping bag, my mandolin, clothes and toiletries. After one day, I made it to Morro Bay. I found a patch of land under a tree and slept there for the night. A few other wandering souls joined the vicinity at some point as well. Thing was, my boots were too big and left me with some big nasty blisters that were gross to look at. I started stuffing random findings like a sock and a glove into them to give my feet more cushion, but it wasn't enough to keep the swelling down. I left those boots by a tree in the morning, ate my leftover mexican food, and kept walking.

The next day, with my light gym shoes on, I walked along the coast through a park, which was great because it was off the highway. My feet were really hurting so it was a struggle of resting and resetting the numbness every time I stepped out again. Playing music along the way, singing about walking on highway 1, and counting to high numbers kept my feet moving. On that second day I saw a tree way up ahead that ended up being magical. The tree grew skin basically that would peel off into small and large pieces. Some of the branches were also set low so I found one that became my roof and started creating a human nest for myself. It was great to build and stay active because it taught me a lot about using natural resources to protect against other natural situations like cold and wind. There was a full moon that night that truly blessed my soul.

In the morning, based on the fruits I had left, I decided it was best to keep walking. That was quite the tiring day though, and started to reconfigure my plans. Should I keep going north or should I head east to make it to Paso Robles and hitch a train north? I walked to the crossroads. I knew I had to make it to San Fran in 5 days, but didn't know what to do in the meantime. Finally, a bus drives by with San Fran on the window and I screamed after it, "I want to go to San Francisco!" And what that shout, I knew what I should do. I started to sing to the cars, asking for a ride, and just when I was going to give up, a guy with a car that was just like my friend's pulled over for me. He said he wasn't going to San Fran, but he could take me to Big Sur.

I spent a night in Big Sur, I won't say where exactly, unless you can recognize from the picture. Thing was, I wasn't exactly supposed to be there, but boy was it a magical place. I was able to cleanse my spirit and reconnect with myself entirely - fear and love, both. There was great peace to be found on that beautiful place on the coast, and I am so grateful for having the chance to let go of the tension I had built up.

The next afternoon I sang my song about going to San Fran and two ladies said, "We're not going to San Fran but we're going to Monterrey Bay." Alas, I made it another step forwards and had to unfortunately stay in a hotel for the night. It was just too cold to sleep outside with my thin little sleeping bag. I ate their muffins in the morning and walked to a hostel that next afternoon. I spent some time for rest in Monterrey, and took a train to San Fran the next day.

Ended up falling in love with the place, going to be moving there in just a few weeks.

Life is moving along for me, thank goodness too because it almost got boring.

One thing I've learned through traveling and walking, is you have to show your world your dreams.

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