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April 21st 2014
Published: April 21st 2014
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Running around the land, looking for my spirit - "Where am I?"

I went to Mesa Verde on the way to the Four Corners. There were ruins from about 1200 A.D. People would climb the vertical cliffs to bring food up to their living quarters. They made sacred temples for the sun and for fire. They were created with brick and I can just imagine the people scaling up and down with pure strength and necessity.

After I left Mesa Verde, I was not sure where to go. I knew I wanted to go to the Four Corners, so I did. The thing was, I felt like I was maybe supposed to have been there a day earlier. The land was beautiful though, and standing on top of the four corners plaque made me feel like my whole body was being beamed up into space. I was going to stay, but instead I left southwards, looking for myself. "Where did I go next?"

Flagstaff was the destination. Now, this was the day of the almost-full moon with a lunar eclipse. Once I landed in Flagstaff though, I left to go to Sedona. The drive there is incredible and jaw-dropping. I passed through to a campground and considered making a reservation, but then something told me to go back to the town. I was mentally back and forth between the nature and the town. Back up by the Navajo jewelry vendors, I was chatting and trying to get some clues onto my decision of where to spend the night. Finally, to the last vendor, I asked her, "Where I can find moonstone?" She sticks her right arm so definitively and says "That way you might find it." So That Way, I went - to nature.

The hiking was so incredible. Going up the mountain and feeling the changes was a part of my being. This is a time for me to begin blossoming. I am focusing on the throat chakra as it is related to maturity. Also, my voice is important to me as I love to sing.

So here's something embarrassing, which is that I thought the lunar eclipse took on the function of a solar eclipse, in that I was expecting for the moon to come out and block the sun. For that reason, I hiked again to watch the sun as it set. These mountains though, they are tall, that it takes some good elevation to see the sun before it is hidden. So I kept hiking up and up asking for the moon, singing for the moon, praying for the moon, "please come out before I cannot see the sun!"

Of course, the sun set and I made my way back down. It wasn't until much later someone reinstates to me that the earth will block the moon...

The next day I went to Flagstaff. There is a hostel with friendly people and good vibes. I packed a cooked lunch and left for flat lands surrounded by mountains. It was important to me to remain connected with nature. I am searching for my soul and purpose, and nature is the most honest in its answers. My time was good, peaceful and collective.

After two days, I returned to Flag. Here, I have been meeting new people and opening my trust towards humans. I took a guided tour to the Grand Canyon. I had to, you know, it's one of the most incredible places. The view was picturesque, totally unreal looking. I felt amazing to be in such a place that is so vast, open, expansive, historic, and truly mind boggling. The time line of the rocks is from present to 2 billion years ago, while the earth is about 4.5 billion years old. You go and think of time and put into perspective the earth's movement and growth, and it is a great experience. I also befriended a squirrel and saw a rainbow, which were some under the scenes highlights as well.

After some great human experiences, I will continue my path towards a natural setting. Surely, life-changing events are in store. Any luck and good-wishes are appreciated. I especially like mystery and hidden truths, if you're wanting some hints for your wishes 😉

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