Planning for the trip

Published: June 21st 2017
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Ok, so I'm realizing in the exploration and planning of this trip that it's a much grander undertaking than I originally anticipated. And as is a usual predicament I find myself in, I've dived into an exciting idea headfirst without understanding the entire picture. There is a lot of work to be done before I go. I believe I'm on top of the luggage and packing, I've got my backpack, mosquito net, stuff sacks, walking shoes, and a stack of guidebooks for each destination.

I've spent countless hours online pouring over every incarnation of a round-the-world airline ticket offered (and there are a lot). And yet each stone unturned reveals another set of complexities to decipher and resolve...who knew it'd take a week to get a travel visa for China, and another week for India's? Sigh. So I've altered my plan, as was the spirit of this entire endeavor, and plan to stay in CA for a few more weeks while I spend a little more time than anticipated planning the finer points of my trip.

I might take a couple little weekend trips to test out my travel legs and new gear, perhaps to SLO or Seattle. We'll see...


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