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January 13th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Here I am in Borders, immersed in this very American scene, enjoying my latte and pouring over the pile of guide books I've collected on my table. I swear I have an addiction. I see a guidebook for some far off exotic and exceedingly foreign locale and I must have it...then I read it and I must go there.

Is it possible to live childhood dreams? Can I really visit all these people and see all this culture I've dreamed of? This truly would be a life of privilege...Time really is the only currency of value. I can barely contain my excitement for what the next few months will bring.

Later that day...
How many epiphanies can a person have in one day? Has it been so long since I've stopped to reflect? How long have I been living 'to-do' list to 'to-do' list, contenting my spirit by barraging it with mundane tasks and the appropriate number of planned 'fun' activities? Will traveling expanding the depth of my humanity? Challenging my beliefs and examining my influence on my world? This trip has broken my every routine, and called into question even the most fundamental events of my day. Except my morning coffee, I can't imagine a world without my morning coffee. I mean, no, just no. A girls gotta have something she can always count on, but I digress. *smiles*

I've just read a line from Rita Golden Gellman's 'Tales of a female Nomad.' She writes: 'I'm basically laid back and sometimes careless. I tend to excuse my own mistakes as well as other people's; and from time to time I find it necessary to adjust my ethics to the situation at hand.'

interesting a dichotomy I've just unearthed: Managing software development as I've done as a consultant for the past 10 years requires regiment; Schedules spanning 13 months, detailed to the hour, for 25 different resources on three continents. By day I manage 10 different to-do lists and tailor the communication of their content to all the stakeholders, executives, clients and worker-bees. But when I'm in between consulting gigs, I couldn't be more opposite. I can hang, merely existing in quiet stillness without plan or initiative. Perhaps it's required for me to detox from the frenzy of work? Is there a happy medium? Is there a job that'd be full-filling with half the chaos and time for quiet? Would I be satisfied? Or instead is it my destiny to ebb and flow between the two? Will this trip bring me closer to a answer, or is there never an answer to such questions.

One of my favorite quotes, grotesque as it is, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." There are so many different ways to spend your precious lifetime. And though, of course, there isn't one right way to do it, how can one really know if they are living their 'Best Life' unless they really look around and get a good exposure at how other people are doing it? On this extended trip, I'll visit castles and temples and mosks, and rivers and mountains, and I'll love it. But I really want to absorb the people and their spirits and all the rich colors and winds and rains that have made them. I hope to take fibers from all of them and weave them into my own tapestry to make my own time richer and more meaningful.


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