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Published: March 31st 2012
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Frank WaterFrank WaterFrank Water

The nonprofit we are supporting during the Rickshaw Run
We are taking off for India tomorrow! It’s hard to believe that this day is finally here. This trip would not be possible without all the amazing support and donations we’ve received from our friends, families, and sponsors. We can’t thank you enough for your generous contributions. In this post I want to share a bit about the cause we are raising money for, how we raised our money, and shout outs to everyone that contributed.


Frank Water

In addition to a crazy adventure across India, we have been fundraising for Frank Water (, a nonprofit that is funding clean water initiatives across India. Since 2005, Frank Water has funded over 70 clean water projects throughout the developing country. Our goal was to raise $2000, and we are now hovering around $3000!

Last month we hosted a Bar Night at Tonic. Norm, Brandon, and two of our friends Kristen and Alicia manned the bars, mixing stiff cocktails for our friends and regular Tonic customers. All the tips they earned went to our charity. It was a great night to inform people about Frank Water and the Rickshaw Run. Over a 3 hour period we raised $250.
Bar Night at TonicBar Night at TonicBar Night at Tonic

Our amazing bartenders!
Thank you to Tonic and all our friends for coming out!

Friends and Family

The majority of our donations came from our amazing friends and family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Ashley Einhaus
Holly Pearson
Trina Martynowicz
Jenny Fong/Chris Castle
Meredith Tillner
Subhash Jawahrani
Shawn Nichols
Alicia Washkevich
Barret Lary
Ashley Springer
Shannon Daly
Aimee Miller
Amit Gaur
Suzanne Jones
Damon Dun
Brittany Emal
Ashley Penna
Annie Zhao
Ian Erickson
Jenn Kremen
Genevieve and Darin
Jenny Xiao
Tonic Bar Night
Adnan Fazal
Amanda Mahoski
Kevin Doyle
Summer Clemenson
Lindsay Zwicker
Kristin Crawford
Jason Seitz
Brianna Phillips
Vincy Kwong
Cathal Blake
Liz Pankey
Ken Craig
Sabrina Meng
Beth Trask
Seb Gladney
Mel Murphy
Leah Mosner
Jennifer Fong


We snagged some amazing corporate sponsors to help fund the entrance fee.

Modus Engineering

Modus Engineering was our largest donor, giving us $$ for Frank Water and the rickshaw. Thank you so much! Brandon’s brother is part-owner of the engineering firm and surprised him with a very generous donation. Modus engineering specializes in building commercial buildings. They have been around since 1963 and have built over 11,000 buildings. If only they could come fortify our rickshaw so that we don’t break down! We are proud to have Modus as one of our main sponsors and our rickshaw will be “pimped out” with their logos.

Riviera Partners

Riviera Partners is an executive search and placement firm that builds out teams for venture-backed startups. I worked here as a technical recruiter when I moved back from Japan. I won’t forget my days at Riviera Partners, sitting in the “contingy pit” and learning the art of sales. Although I’ve moved on from recruiting, it was the job that has taught me the most so far in my career. When I was there the company had 15 people, and now they are 50 and growing. I’m so happy to see that Riviera Partners is still growing and still totally kicks ass when it comes to recruiting.

I ran into my old boss Mike (the founder of Riviera Partners) one day at Crissy Field and told him about the Rickshaw Run. Like most he thought I was crazy and was excited to see me actually complete the daunting challenge ahead. Before I knew it Riviera Partners was sponsoring our team! Don’t worry Mike and Ali- I will represent Riviera well!

San Francisco Motorcycle Club

The SF Motorcycle Club is the 2nd oldest motorcycle club in the world, opening their membership back in 1904. Hands down, the SF Moto Club wais definitely the most random of all sponsors, yet potentially the most fitting for the race we are embarking on. I sent out a mass email to my friends and family requesting donations for the Rickshaw Run. My friend Jai responded and said that the SF Motorcycle Club would be a GREAT sponsor. Intrigued, I went to the weekly meeting. Once there I felt like I had entered an SF institution, like I had crossed a rite of passage to becoming a true San Franciscan. Everyone there couldn’t have been nicer and they were so excited about my trip. While surrounded by men in their leather motorcycle jackets telling me about their motorcycle adventures around the world I happily sipped my manhattan in my pink sweater. I spoke at their meeting and the club was generous enough to sponsor our team. I will proudly wear my SF motorcycle shirt across India and the club will be represented on our Rickshaw!


Driptech produces affordable, high-quality irrigation systems designed for small-plot farmers. The company distributes its products through local governments, corporate partners, and NGOs in India and China. Driptech was a last-minute sponsor to our team, and yet again another very fitting one. The Rickshaw Run funds Frank Water to produce clean drinking water. Driptech is taking it to the next step and developing sustainable farming methods with that clean water. My friend Mark (who I first “met” at the 2007 Pushkar Camel Fair) works with Driptech and through him I’ve done a bit of research on the company. Driptech’s methods are pretty badass, and I believe are helping to end poverty and hunger in India. Today, Driptech is growing rapidly to address the needs of the 600 million subsistence farmers who lack appropriate irrigation. We are happy to spread the word about Driptech across India.

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More Tonic Bar NightMore Tonic Bar Night
More Tonic Bar Night

Learning to make cocktails
More Tonic Bar NightMore Tonic Bar Night
More Tonic Bar Night

Cheers to Frank Water
More Tonic Bar NightMore Tonic Bar Night
More Tonic Bar Night

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