In San Francisco but no flowers in my hair

Published: September 7th 2009
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San Francisco is amazing! I am so tired as I've spent the last 2 days running around trying to see as much as possible. There are possibly the biggest hills I have ever seen and they seem to go on forever, my little legs feel like they might fall off.

Yesterday I went to Fisherman's Wharf and saw Alcatraz in the distance - unfortunately I wont have time to visit. I then heard a strange noise coming from around the corner, as I turned I saw hundreds of seals chilling out in the sun, catching a tan on Pier 39. They were very entertaining and seemed to enjoy all the tourists snapping away at them. I then went to the Castro. This is the gay area of San Francisco and is featured lots in the film Milk (for those of you that have seen it). It's a really interesting part with a nice atmosphere. I also sat on the exact tram that was used in the film but I forgot to take a photo of it (duh)! I also went riding on the cable cars, attempted to walk up California Street (but gave up after 2 blocks) and walked around China Town.

Today I went to the Haight which is the hippy part of San Francisco. This was a really cool area, lots of shops selling vintage clothes, art, music etc. I could have spent thousands but luckily due to it being Labour Day week most of the shops were closed so I only spent $30. The houses here are amazing, every one is painted differently. I'd be happy to live in one of those!
I then walked through Golden Gate Park which is huge and very pretty, before getting to the Golden Gate Bridge. I walked over the bridge, there and back and it's 1.7miles long. I should be incredibly fit and skinny on my return to the UK! The views are amazing and it's strange being on something that is so well known and has been shown on TV so many times. I ended my day on Baker Beach which is next to the bridge. The sand was how you'd imagine it to be in California and again the view was amazing though it was slightly spoilt by a number of men who paraded up and down naked! It's not a nudist beach so not really sure

These are the sea lions sun bathing on pier 39
what that was about but then everyone says that anything goes in San Francisco!

I have many photos but can't post them till I get to Reno. Thanks for my comments and messages, it's nice to hear from everyone.

I'm off for an early night as I have to get a 6am bus to Nevada - I CAN'T sleep in!!!

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This is me on Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco in the background
Don't Look DownDon't Look Down
Don't Look Down

The drop from the bridge

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