49 hours later and I'm here!

Published: August 25th 2009
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Hi Everyone,

Well I've possibly had the longest journey ever but I finally made it. One cancelled flight, followed by a sort of missed flight and airline mistake, followed by a good flight, followed by a delayed flight = 49 hours of travel but I'm here!

The Journey

After my original flight was cancelled I thought it would be a good idea to go out for just a couple of drinks before returning to the hotel to be tucked up in bed by 10! For some reason at 10 I then found myself in Soho with a beer in my hand. Just as I was about to leave, along came Miss Natalia Battistini and Mr Alex Charnley. Of course I had to stay out a little longer, it would be rude to leave. And so I stayed. Obviously I then overslept and awoke in pure panic. I have never moved so quickly! As I made it to terminal 3 I was told my second flight had not been booked properly anyway (the airline's fault) so I should have just stayed in bed. 4 hours later and I finally made it onto flight number 3 which took me to New York.

New York, New York

I wish I could have more to say on this city but 3 hours doesn't allow for much sight seeing. The taxis are yellow and there are lots of them, the weather was hot, I saw many sky scrapers emerging from a sea of smog and Brooklyn Bridge does exist (if that's the one I saw from the air).

My internet time is now up but I'm in San Francisco which is brilliant. Had a great day and saw lots of sights. Will fill you in soon and add some photos.

Lots of love x


25th August 2009

Lucky the airline messed up. If they'd got it right and you missed the flight, it would have served you right for being psucked in by that Natti Batti again!! Can't believe Alex had anything to do with keeping you out late. x
31st August 2009

having a nose!!
hey collette,joe here sounds like you didnt have a very good start to your journey,but i hope you are having a great time out there. At least you got there in the end LOL! dont know how to see your photos on your blog? bet the weather is lovely out ther...e alright for some lol!! hope you have a good time and i will check your blog to see how your getting on. enjoy your time over there Joe xxx
2nd September 2009

Well Done!
Well done for making it honey! Just goes to show you can overcome anything! (at the airport at least) :) Cant wait to read more! Have fun xx
3rd September 2009

Hello hope it's going well!
Hi Collette Roger has just showed me how to use this blog thing, so here's a comment for you to read when you next log on. Joe was asking after you too. I hope you are working really hard in the desert and not finding it too hot or tiring! What are the other volunteers like? What sort of work are you doing? Have a great time anyway! Carol

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