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November 23rd 2008
Published: April 12th 2009
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It was a clear warm day in the Bay area, and I decided to venture over and check out Angel Island. I took the ferry from Tiburon, which was only USD $11 for a round trip ticket. It is only a mile ride from Tiburon to the docking area on Angel Island, so it is just a 15 minute ride or so. Angel Island had a military presence in the West Garrison, in the East Garrison, the guns on the West side of ... Read Full Entry

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More interesting terrainMore interesting terrain
More interesting terrain

Still on the South side of the island.
Looking West to MarinLooking West to Marin
Looking West to Marin

Sausalito would be to the far right of the photo, but is blocked by the island from this perspective.
Nike Missile StationNike Missile Station
Nike Missile Station

The Nike missile has been obsolete for some time now, but the bays that once houses them are still present here. Too bad they don't let you in to be able to look at them up close.
Eastern Garrison recreational areaEastern Garrison recreational area
Eastern Garrison recreational area

Big barracks building in the background there that housed most of the folks residing within the Eastern Garrison. In the foreground is the recreational area itself. Looked like some softball or baseball was played there long ago.
East Garrison Picnic SiteEast Garrison Picnic Site
East Garrison Picnic Site

Hey, everybody is welcome, of all species. While the deer were wild, they were pretty tolerant of human beings and didn't run off.
Small CitySmall City
Small City

Everything you needed back in the 1940s as a GI was here for you while you waited out your time before shipping out to duty somewhere in the Pacific. General store, post office, mess hall, hospital, and even a bowling alley.
Mess HallMess Hall
Mess Hall

Over 12,000 meals were served every day here during the height of the use of this facility during World War II.
China CoveChina Cove
China Cove

This area was known as the "Ellis Island of the West", dealing with Chinese and asian immigrants as the staging area for allowing them entrance to the United States. While Ellis Island was very open to any immigrants from Europe, China Cove was very strict in who was allowed entrance to the United States. In particular, good efforts were in place to identify those that were criminals and send them right back to where they came from.
China Cove refurbishing in process ...China Cove refurbishing in process ...
China Cove refurbishing in process ...

Looks like it would be a pretty cool place to be sequestered for a while now, or when the renovations are complete.
San Rafael/Richmond BridgeSan Rafael/Richmond Bridge
San Rafael/Richmond Bridge

Looking North/NorthWest. Looks like a ferry from Larkspur in the center, with an ocean going freighter just behind it.
More DeerMore Deer
More Deer

I saw about six deer during my three or so hours on the island. These just watched me walking down the road, moved left across the road, then continued grazing as they watched me walk by.

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