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December 6th 2005
Published: December 6th 2005
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Hi All,

Last time I updated this blog I was just home from Peru, and was preparing for many changes in my life, one of those being a new job opportunity that I was extremely nervous about and very much looking forward to. Well, that job opportunity went down the tubes quickly...I lost interest about a month ago, and got laid off when the company crumbled last week. I learned a lot during the last four months at MetiLinx...number one, don't trust people and get everything in writing.
The one thing good that came out of this is that I am unemployed for the first time in 10 years and in a situation to take some time off. So I am off on another adventure. I have been going back and forth about how I'm going to do it this time around, and I have decided I am just going to make a vacation out of it. With everything that's gone on in the last 4-5 months, I just don't have the energy to volunteer this time around. That being said, if I come across a situation where I can help...or teach English...or something along those lines, I definitely won't turn it down.
The plan is to leave right after New Years and be back around April 1st. I am going to Hawaii, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. I figure if I stay within this few countries I'll be able to really experience everything the countries have to offer, instead of hitting 10 countries and only visiting the tourist spots.
Hopefully you'll all still be interested in hearing me rave, complain, and explain these countries depending on my mood at the time...and if not, please have yourself removed from the subscription.

Talk to you all soon,


6th December 2005

I wish I was unemployed.....
Can I go with you?
6th December 2005

see ya
Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
7th December 2005

Thats great that your traveling
I hope you have a great time and I am excited hear what happens through your travels.
7th December 2005

damn kevin.... being a "professional traveler" sounds pretty good to me too :) in my time in SA, i have met a million and one travelers in your situation-life deals them some shit, so they leave....and travel. enjoy asia, if you get a chance swing by SA and see me.... i beam with pride and joy for you. have fun...enjoy.

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