San Fransisco

Published: August 25th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

So.... the last phase of the trip is here. San Fransisco for the final 4 days.

The last evening in Aukland was cool - we three went to a Korean buffet; something I haven't tried before. There was a gas ring on every table with a big pan and tinfoil - you help yourself to meat from the buffet and cook it yourselves, and eat along with some side veggies etc. The spicy pork was nice and the marinated beef, and the squid was lovely. But I wasn't brave enough to fry the ckicken gizzards or the chicken feet. But ala in all it was very tasty, even though the Korean kitchen staff all came out to watch us and found it all highly amusing!

So the final morning - the 24th August, we had a look around Aukland and then Trish took us to the Airport for an 11am check-in. the plane took off at 1pm, we had dinner at about 3.30pm, then tried to sleep. which of course was impossible as it was only 4pm!!
So, two films and ten hours later, we got breakfast. At 2am. The plane landed in LA at 6.30 am local time. However, that was 6.30 am on the 24th August!! Don't boggle my mind any further with this, but we landed in LA before we even got out of bed in Aukland....

We appear to have had a bit of a groundhog day and have lived through two August 24ths.
With no sleep between them...

The place we were supposed to be staying in San Fransisco (we had another 1 hour flight to get here) is awful, so we have just booked ourselves into the Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf. Bit of luxury to finish the holiday with.

I absolutely ADORE San Fransisco so far. WE spent the day on Fisherman's Wharf, with fab views of Alcatraz (going over there tomorrow).
Had an ice cream Sundae in Johnnie Rocket's Diner (proper 50s Diner!)

And for dinner this evening we went into a blues place - Lou's at Pier 47, where live blues musicians play while you eat. The musician was Nat Bolden - really good - and the food was great too. Had a cup of Clam Chowder and Oyster crackers, followed by Snapper and fries, (with a couple of pints of Miller beer!)
Tell Tom and Sue that it's really fab and they would love it - blues music - and the old trams... marvellous.

Once again I can't upload any photos, as this crappy PC will not let me. If I get the chance while I'm still here, I will try to do so, but no promises. You may not get another bulletin until I get home on Monday.

Anyway, must go an get some sleep now as I've been awake for god knows how long! I have no clue any more what time it is in the UK..

Hope you have enjoyed the blog - I've certainly enjoyed the holiday!


25th August 2011

What a shame you have had so much trouble uploading photos in so many places. It sort of spoiled our holiday-by-proxy :-/ Glad you've had a great time, and I hope your last few days are just as good.

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