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Trying out this travelblog to accompany my trip around the world.....
Getting excited now!!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Keswick August 29th 2011

Here I am, home again. Nice to be back, a bit sad it's all over, but it was getting just a bit tiring! Anyway, it was a fantastic trip and I learned a few things: - Hong Kong is a fascinating city, clean and full of very friendly and helpful people - Whales are magnificent animals with just as much curiosity about us as we have for them - Koalas are gorgeous and cute, but have big claws and don't smell very nice! - Kangaroos can be a bit intimidating (the big ones anyway) - I love trams, especially the ones in Hong Kong and San Francisco - Clam chowder is wonderful when made properly in the US - there are lots of homeless people in San Francisco - Cairns is not as nice as I ... read more

North America » United States » California » Monterey August 27th 2011

Here it is - the last day of the big trip! It's been better even than I expected it would be. San Francisco has been great - need to come back here to do some more exploring. Yesterday we did the Golden gate bridge (in the fog!); Union Square; Haight street (very bohemian and hippy, right up my street...); and of course the trams! In the evening went to Alcatraz, which was fabulous - really eerie in the fog; got some great photos. Apparently, it's always foggy in the Bay area in summer - ah well, never mind. Today we drove down the coast through San Jose (do you know the way?); past silicon valley (1st silicon chip invented); to Monterey, a lovely place, made famous by John steinbeck's novels. Bought a copy of Cannery Row ... read more

So.... the last phase of the trip is here. San Fransisco for the final 4 days. The last evening in Aukland was cool - we three went to a Korean buffet; something I haven't tried before. There was a gas ring on every table with a big pan and tinfoil - you help yourself to meat from the buffet and cook it yourselves, and eat along with some side veggies etc. The spicy pork was nice and the marinated beef, and the squid was lovely. But I wasn't brave enough to fry the ckicken gizzards or the chicken feet. But ala in all it was very tasty, even though the Korean kitchen staff all came out to watch us and found it all highly amusing! So the final morning - the 24th August, we had a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo Caves August 23rd 2011

My journey is going too fast now! The New Zealand bit is nearly over and I haven't been here long enough :( Yesterday went to Hobbiton and had to sign a secrecy thingy cos we saw the new set for the new Hobbit movies. So no photos can be shared.... But it was fab Today went to the glow worm caves and two other great caves - aranui and Rotarui. The stalagtites and stalagmites were absolutely amazing. It's been really sunny too since we got here - so lucky with the weather. Everyone here ways it's incredible that the weather has improved so much since last week! Only San Fransisco to go now and I will be home again - damn thing is too quick. Was cuddling little animals today too and got to see a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Moreton Bay August 19th 2011

Wow, wow, wow. All I can say is wow.. This morning we boarded a ctamaran called Eye Spy and it took us out past Moreton Bay to see if we could spot some whales. The captain spotted some a fair distance away and stopped the boat - there are only two whale watching boats allowed out from Brisbane and they have to stop well away from the Whales. We waited. And slowly, the magnificent creatures come closer, closer. They disappear from view - and suddenly there they are right next to the boat, blowing water upwards at first, then coming up and diving down - they are curious. The pod of three whales wants to interact with us - they want to say hello!! They dive under the boat and come up at the other side ... read more
saying hello
Port Douglas

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Southbank August 18th 2011

Here we are in Brisbane. Spent the morning in Cairns, before flying down here. A lovely sunny day again, but a little cooler here. Don't know how it will pan out next week as there is heavy snow in New Zealand - just about where we are due to go!! ah well, can't win em all.... Brisbane seems a nice city - lights are great at night! We are going whale watching tomorrow, so looking forward to that. Very tired tonight, so short blog entry - need an early night I think! will report in again tomorrow if I get the chance. G'night ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Kuranda August 17th 2011

Very sad to be leaving here - one of the best holiday destinations I've been to. And probably the best time of yeart o be here too, as it's not too hot, just a comfortable 28 C. Andno jellyfish in the sea. Today we went up to Kuranda - I went by Sky rail and what a fabulous ride that was! It was really high & I got a car all to myself - up above the rainforest canopy, looking down on the trees... The village of Kuranda itself was lovely too, all sorts of crafty stuff - it has an interesting history! Then back down on thescenic railway - all pullman coaches dating back 100 years. Another fun day - I'll be getting sensoty overload soon!! Anyway, flying to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon, but down to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef August 17th 2011

Last full day in Port Douglas today :( I've absolutely loved it here - what a great place.... Yesterday we went out to the great barrier reef and I went snorkling! Which is something of an achievement for me as a non-swimmer.. It was fantastic and I loved the snorkling - must learn to swim when I get home. Got a bit too much sun though, as the factor 30 kept waching off in the sea, so I'm a bit red today! I'm just on here while I'm waiting for a bus to pick us up to go to Kuranda. I am taking the sky train up the mountain (Vikki can't do that bit!) then exploring up there and taking atrain down again. Should be some fab views. Tomorrow we fly to Brisbane - last stop ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas August 15th 2011

Port Douglas is a fab place - I love it! Yesterday we went doen to the marina and bought a kilo of fresh, cooked prawns from a vishing boat - huge ones! Then sat and peeled them all on the harbour front and ate them for lunch - :D The market was on too yesterday and what a great market - flul of local crafts and massages, tarot readigs, etc - stuff you don't see in UK. We had a coconut each - drank it first, then they cut it in half and we ate the flech with a spoon - accompanied by a sugar cane juice with lime and ginger. There are loads of sugar plantations around here - big exporter of sugar. Also lots of tea - Daintree tea is lovely. Sunset was great ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation August 13th 2011

G'day guys! I am still having a ball here in Australia - can't believe I'm half-way through the trip already! I wanted to post some photos today, but the internet access here is free, but limited and they don't allow uploading stuff! Ah well... Today we went into the Daintree rainforest. We did a couple of guided walks on the forest floor, which was great. The guide pointed out all the poisoness plants, etc and I got a few shots of insects and lizards. then we had a cruise up the daintree river, where we saw some crocodiles on the bank - I got some great photos of Nelson, the big male croc, sleeping on the bank! Plus a couple of females and a little hatchling. We had lunch in a tree house in the forest, ... read more

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