Pre-Oxford: One Week Countdown

Published: May 2nd 2008
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Preparing for my trip

I've made a preliminary list, of course, but I'm getting that creeping fear that I'm going to forget something. There I'll be in the middle of the trip with my laptop and my curling iron and my passport... and some crucial thing will be missing. Note to self: remember the digital camera.

At this point, it's a little surreal as I'm telling people. "Yes, well, I'm taking a short trip to England, actually." The idea of going somewhere with complete strangers, where I know no one and am completely unfamiliar with the surroundings frightens me to my coward's core. And, yes, I really am a coward at heart.

The listserve for the program is starting to get lively now that we only have a week and one day until the first day of the program. Despite my girlish desire to look like the epitome of elegance in the city of Oxford (which is renowed for its preppy and snobby co-ed's), we have been encouraged to stay casual. I will pack sensible shoes and frumpy/warm sweaters, but I'll be pouting while I do so. It wouldn't hurt, I think, to throw in a cute outfit or two as well.

San Diego is having some strange weather due to the Santa Ana winds, but we are being told that England is unpredictable in its weather. Born and bred in southern California, it will be a new experience to have to "bundle up" in the middle of May!


14th May 2008

Lauren just wanted to say hello and let you know that our thoughts are with you while you are in London. It must be exciting to realize that you are going to school in Oxford, London but a little lonely to be by yourself. Enjoy your time in London and keep us posted on what you are doing. We are so proud of you. Love Aunt Vanessa
14th May 2008

Hi Aunt Vanessa!
Thanks for the sweet and thoughtful message you left on my blog! If you send me your address, I can send postcards to you, Alicia, and Michael. Hope everyone is doing well! I miss you and love all you guys! Lauren If you want to email me your address:
14th May 2008

Greetings from England!
Hi Joani! Thanks for the encouraging and sweet words on my blog! It means a lot to me that you have been reading it. You know you will be getting ALL the details when I get back (the ones i couldn't put on the public blog). Hope you're doing well! Lauren

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