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January 15th 2008
Published: January 16th 2008
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Itinerary (last update: 04/17/09)

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Actually, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a whole lot of planning!

Most of you know Nico and I have as many differences as we do things in common, but we are using all the project management skills learned in our classes to make this as easy as possible.

We're committed to minimalistic packing, treading lightly in our travels, and giving back as much as we will receive from each country/culture/civilization encountered. We each have personal desires for this trip and know we will not return the same, but also believe that by allowing ourselves to show humility and openess we will return with a greater understanding of our world.

Above is our tentative itinerary with dates. If you see someplace you've always wanted to visit, send us an email, we'd love to meet up!!!


16th January 2008

Sign me up
For Greece AND Ecuador! I'll be checking availability of frequent flyer seats soon.
17th January 2008

Your Both so AMAZING! I am soooooo excited for both of you and at the same time so envious! I wish you the very best and can not wait to hear about EVERYTHING! LOVE always, Elisa
29th January 2008

Hmm doesn't look like we'll catch each other in Thailand/Cambodia in March. Perhaps in Greece Morocco or anywhere within 2-4 hours of plane ride from Switzerland in the fall. Remember, when in doubt, just do it.
30th January 2008

You guys are going to have a blast! I can't wait to hear all about it! We'll be in Sweden in late December. I don't know if you'll be there that late in the year, but keep it in mind if it happens to work out. :)
30th January 2008

So happy for both of you.....!!!!
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ........." Hope to see you before your departure. Love, always, Ella and Alain
13th February 2008

Desde Mexico..
I am so glad for you guys! Good Luck in this incredible opportunity. Maybe we can meet in Argentina. Besos
25th August 2008

WOW..some trip
Hi sweeties: I have finally read all the news on your web site...It was like sitting in my living room talking to you the format. well I am here on a Lonely sunday afternoon, dont feel like calling anyone..just new cat is by my side(the little stinker) cant seem to get him to mind me...does that sound familiar...Your brother and his wife seem to have had the opposite to their trip..nothing but heart ache, too bad it has to end so badley..will say good night Mrs. Calleban.....(old radio handle) love you beyond the earths surface and the moon...Oma
19th January 2009

Wanderlust in our blood...
Hey Hannah! This is your long-lost cousin Erik from Austin, TX. Oma told me about your website - wanderlust is in the Cockrell/Wilner blood!!!! Since we last saw each other at the family reunion in Texas, I have been able to visit Russia, China, Hong Kong and India. It's amazing how my viewpoint about America and my gratitude for the quality of life I have shifts dramatically after traveling abroad. I would love to meet your fiancee sometime! I got divorced 3 years ago and am now getting remarried to an amazing woman named Theresa on April 4, 2009. I now have 2 kids (Jordan - boy - 9 and Autumn - girl - 6). Theresa has Nicole - girl - 6. I have never been happier. Austin is great place to live compared to anywhere else I have been. Please know you all have a place to stay here anytime! Love, Erik (and Tabatha - my cat that you met in D.C. long ago!)
1st February 2009

From Bariloche-Argentina
Hey Nico and Hannah! How are you guys?I don`t know whether you remember me or not. I met you in Bariloche, at Periko`s Hostel. I am Marina, the girl who studies English in BA :p It was a pleassure to meet you, you are very cool people and I hope you are having a very nice time in Argentina. It`s beautiful, isn`t it? I am in BA already, my holidays have finished :( I`ve got the photos that I took the night we ate pizza, so i`m going to send them to you by mail. Best wishes! Besos! Marina
10th February 2009

Soo stinkin cool
What an outstanding adventure. Thank you for taking all of us on the journey with you even if we couldn't be there in person. Love you both! Can't wait to be a part of the America tour.
22nd March 2009

MEMPHIS... BBQ and Elvis
Hey Ya'll. CAN'T wait to see you in Memphis. I will take care of you two, like its nobody's business!!! Call me anytime 949-290-6200

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