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October 28th 2007
Published: November 6th 2007
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One thing I've never been very happy about is the fact my older brother was born in the US and I got Wales (not to mention the fact I'm ginger too!). But hey, I’m not bitter but at least it means visiting is a lot more exciting than getting the tube to west London. Time to add another state to my collection, a visit to California and my first visit to the west coast. Another first on this holid... Read Full Entry

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Can you see the haze?Can you see the haze?
Can you see the haze?

Smoke over San Diego, it doesn't look too bad from a distance but everything is a little smokey
Eek eek!Eek eek!
Eek eek!

Sorry, they are sweet, but if they are that clever, why haven't they built a plane yet?
Photography #101Photography #101
Photography #101

I failed. It's tricky trying to catch a dolphin jump.

This one is a little better, at least the whale is all out of the water.
Product placementProduct placement
Product placement

I got a text from Mother dear reading 'look out for the otter'. I was just calling for the men in white coats when lo and behold, the otter appeared clutching a can of Pepsi (I'd rather Coke Zero myself, if anyone from Coca-cola is reading this).
Evolution or Creationism?Evolution or Creationism?
Evolution or Creationism?

Who on earth would claim responsibility for this?
Croquet anyone?Croquet anyone?
Croquet anyone?

Think about it.
One last planeOne last plane
One last plane

The shuttle between San Diego and LAX. Good fun and very noisy. I'd just like to reiterate I LOVE PLANES.

7th November 2007

Oh you do make me laugh - loved the comment about the Walt Disney statue - I will never see him in the same light again. So when are you coming to the Great White North?
8th November 2007

top gun NOT
you were a terrble piolt, luckily your big sister was a decent aim with the machine gun!
11th November 2007

Some half-educated plonker can't spell!...."piolt"...
11th November 2007

to big daddy
should have sent your children private you mean old git

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