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By Melisse Those who have known me since I was a kid may recall my father, Wilbur’s, admiration for elephants and that he collected artful elephant models. Whether hand made or store-bought, this gave us all an easy target gift for him throughout the years. I grew up hearing about how he loved elephants for their loyalty and peacefulness. I wish he were around now to ask him more about why he was so taken with them. Mostly, I think it was a gut feeling he had since he was a baby. I cherish the two soap-carved elephants he made as a child as well as the classic, sepia-toned photograph of him as a two year old with a Buster Brown haircut, wearing a smocked dress and scuffed booties while holding a toy elephant in ... read more
So where's the grass already?
Lots of space and water in which to roam
Ali's painting

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