First Leg

Published: July 6th 2017
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Geo: 38.579, -121.491

We had an easy drive to Sacramento Int'l Airport (probably because we left at 5 am) under clear, blue skies. After checking in our bags, we waited with our fingers crossed for the TSA screeners to let us know that our inflatable motorcycle “Hit Air” safety vests would be okay in checked luggage. Just when I thought we could relax I ended up getting the full Monty at the security check and had to undergo a pat down search. (Travel tip: take everything out of your pockets and don't wear a ball cap thru the scanner.) Finally, we were ready to roll. After a quick breakfast, we boarded our US Airways flight to Philadelphia. It was basically a no-frills “cattle car” flight, but we had decent leg room and an uneventful 5 hour flight.


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