California Redwoods

Published: May 13th 2012
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They are a wonder and it is great to see that they have not all been cut down. Although some have really been modified. How can a tree survive that much cutting out? We have been inside one huge Redwood that was burned out in 1914 and has a room with a natural chimmey going all the way out the top. Another one we drove thru and the tree is alive and seems to be doing fine.

Miles and miles of beautiful Redwoods line Highway 101 as we drove North along the scenic Pacific Coast in Northern California. The landscape is rugged and mountainous and then you glide through a shady calm glen that is populated by hundreds of the huge giants. Jane put on the soundtrack from the Disney movie Pocahantas and it seemed perfect to hear "Colors of the Wind" as we reveled in the majesty of nature.

We stayed at a nice motel named Ravenwood in Klamath, CA. The owner was personable and had a great recommendation for dinner at the Steelhead Lodge. Tomorrow, Oregon, a state neither Jane or I have ever been to.


13th May 2012

Last time I was in the Redwood Forest . . .
. . . was before you were born! We spent the summer in California while Dad was in a flight training school. We explored the forests and parks every weekend. Mom would pack picnics and we would head out in the Oldsmobile together. I still use a few of the mammoth pine cones we collected as decorations. I remember as a family trying to stretch our arms far enough to "hug the trees"

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