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March 25th 2008
Published: March 25th 2008
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This is my journey from Santa Barbara to Menlo Park for Spring break. I will most likely be here until tomorrow morning, then I travel back down to Isla Vista with my mom for a relaxing weekend in the empty apartment I reside in during the school year. A spa in Ojai is also on the schedule.

here i am getting ready to leave for Sweden. I will be living in the town of Lund and studying at the university there. Right now i am still trying to get all the paperwork filled and stressing about that....

i have to apply for all these permits and consulate passes etc and it is quite the ordeal especially since i cannot put my real life on pause for any of this! to make it even more confusing, most of the paperwork is either in Swedish or in poorly translated English. I'm trying to see this as a good thing, as that will be all i encounter for five months while I'm there!

Right now one of my best friends is in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (yes! all simultaneously and at the same time!) and it is giving me the travel itch. The pictures she is sending me are just spectacular. I would describe them as things I dream about, places that I have been to before in my mental travels and traverses, and have now realized that they actually exist somewhere.

This makes me wonder: what if this is what dreams really are? You dream about nothing fake, nothing made up, just about places and people that are halfway across the planet. When I have nightmares, that eerie place with the multiple unopening doors and impossible deadlines is actually a shopping mall in Delaware, while that mystical sea-scape and mountain town I dreamt about last night exits near the euqator, just left of Tahiti. Possibly Laos?

I wonder if this is where deja vu comes from? I experience this phenomena uncommonly often. I will be sitting and doing something completely ordinary (once I was in France buying movie tickets online, the other on a painful date in Santa Barbara), and all of the sudden I know without question that I have been here before. Very odd. I remember clearly when I was in France: I was sitting at a small desk in my hosts spare room. The father, daughter and I were trying to decide which movie to see, when there it was. I had dreamt about this months and months before I even knew I was going to be in France. Chills, I tell you, chills. This all could be explained by an over-active imagination and unfettered access to fantasy and fiction when I was younger....but you never really know, do you?

Ah yes, I forgot to tell you that sometimes the odd yet charming inner workings of my mind emerge without warning. I will try to limit those forays from now on, for your sake.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this exploration of the physical and metaphysical world. I will take pictures, explore little ramblings and big adventures, and hopefully provide an accurate and exciting record of my journey to Scandinavia, Europe and anywhere else I can think of.

Peace etc.


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