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March 16th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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We had numerous family photographers documenting our night at Dave and Buster's with the SUMMA graduating seniors, Match Day, The Move, and our chill-out time in L.A. before leaving. Enjoy! Also, look out for an update from us now that our disposable camera pictures from Carnaval in Salvador are on Snapfish!

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Edible CongratsEdible Congrats
Edible Congrats

The mousse that Bett got from Schubert's in SF.
Dave & Buster's: Khaliah, Adia, and MeliDave & Buster's: Khaliah, Adia, and Meli
Dave & Buster's: Khaliah, Adia, and Meli

Keepin' it real for the last 5 (err, 6) years.
Dave & Buster's: Leroy and MeliDave & Buster's: Leroy and Meli
Dave & Buster's: Leroy and Meli

khaliah wouldn't join the pic because, "they're getting married!" don't hate! participate!
Dave & BusterDave & Buster
Dave & Buster

Top L-R: Danny, Melissa, Eddie, Khaliah. Bottom L-R: Albert, Leroy, Adia
Dave & Buster's: FamDave & Buster's: Fam
Dave & Buster's: Fam

Mom, Bob, and Meli
Dave & Buster's: SkeeballDave & Buster's: Skeeball
Dave & Buster's: Skeeball

Meli kicking (and showing) butt at Skeeball. Check them tickets out! But this was the baby stuff, we later found out how to get the real tickets!
Dave & Buster's: Asian and Woman While DrivingDave & Buster's: Asian and Woman While Driving
Dave & Buster's: Asian and Woman While Driving

Bob, Leroy, Claudia, and Meli racing cars. Umm, who won? Meli! Twice Booya!
Dave & Buster's: Formula OneDave & Buster's: Formula One
Dave & Buster's: Formula One

What does it take to be #1? Leroy desperately tries to come in higher than second. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing and I had no shame in hitting his car.
Dave & Buster's: ClaudiaDave & Buster's: Claudia
Dave & Buster's: Claudia

Leroy's mom looks like she's winning at first... At least she wasn't driving in reverse direction like my mom was!
Dave & Buster's: Melissa, Queen of TicketsDave & Buster's: Melissa, Queen of Tickets
Dave & Buster's: Melissa, Queen of Tickets

I won this at SuperTrivia and I thought I was da bomb! That was until...
Dave & Buster's: Leroy, Emperor of TicketsDave & Buster's: Leroy, Emperor of Tickets
Dave & Buster's: Leroy, Emperor of Tickets

Until Leroy won way more than I did. 220 tickets. In one round, I had only gotten 100, but he got the bonus points. Sports!!! They were my undoing!!!
Dave & Buster's: Leroy 220, Claudia 1Dave & Buster's: Leroy 220, Claudia 1
Dave & Buster's: Leroy 220, Claudia 1

And they just kept on coming... But his mom is proud of her one ticket! You go!
Dave & Buster's: Fast HandsDave & Buster's: Fast Hands
Dave & Buster's: Fast Hands

Until this point, I was the fastest draw... then Bob joined the game, and he was quick to shoot!
Match Ceremony: Rich CanoMatch Ceremony: Rich Cano
Match Ceremony: Rich Cano

Dr. Rich Cano, anesthesiology 2nd year residnet. He was the one who convinced me to come to Stanford over UCLA for med school. Long live Cano! He interviewed Leroy!
Match Ceremony: Meli and Dr. SalvatierraMatch Ceremony: Meli and Dr. Salvatierra
Match Ceremony: Meli and Dr. Salvatierra

Dr. S. is my advisor and teacher of the "No Bonus Worry Time" philosophy!
Match Ceremony: Sofi, Mario, MeliMatch Ceremony: Sofi, Mario, Meli
Match Ceremony: Sofi, Mario, Meli

Sofi and Mario have been great friends to us, and I am so excited we will all be in Southern Cali!
Match Ceremony: The Wolfe!Match Ceremony: The Wolfe!
Match Ceremony: The Wolfe!

The unbeatable, indomitable, unforgettable, unsinkable, unpizzoable, uberlovable Dr. Elliot Wolfe!!!
Match Ceremony: Bla Bla BlaMatch Ceremony: Bla Bla Bla
Match Ceremony: Bla Bla Bla

There were only a few minutes worth of greetings before they gave out the envelopes but all I heard was bla bla bla! Gimme the envelope!
Match Ceremony: OGeezyMatch Ceremony: OGeezy
Match Ceremony: OGeezy

OG, member of the crew, flakey blogger, wine lover, philosopher, friend since day one.
Match Ceremony: Mike and OGMatch Ceremony: Mike and OG
Match Ceremony: Mike and OG

Mike Wiemer, recently crowned PhD of monolithically integrated long vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. Did I get that right, Mike? Congrats on the oral defense!

23rd March 2007

lovely pictures
who were the photogs again? hee hee... you did not include one of us during trivia where we actually had the same expression. see you in the philipplines.

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