First Time in the U.S. of A!

Published: July 5th 2002
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My first travel to the US was when I accompanied my mother who was a first time immigrant. My Mama was petitioned by my brother who have been in the US for 13 years. We are still looking where she can stay and our first stop was Los Angeles. Aaah.. Los Angeles. We got the non-stop flight to Los Angeles from Manila and arrived in early evening and saw that the sun was still up???..weird..for a was my first time to visit, remember.

I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles with her family (Derick and Ivy Equiza). I requested Derick to pick us up from the airport and it was already 8pm when Mama was finished in the immigration.

I was so excited to see them since it been years since we saw each other. Patricia has grown taller and bigger just like Derick. I was so happy to see Ivy and other members of the family - Shiela and Noah. Ivy and I spent the whole evening until the wee hours of the morning talking and talking....we had so much to say to each other.

I visited the Universal Studios park with Ivy and Derick where we watched the movie Sum of all Fears.

I also visited my office barkada, an x-GSIS, Grace Viray and her family. It has been years when we last saw each other. One of her two sons is my godson and seeing them, the kids, especially makes me realize that really time flies. We had small gathering with my mom and we got a call from Millet Estipona, one of the barkadas. Unfortunately, she couldn't be there. Anyway, I had a grand time..

I have a lot of relatives in Los Angeles. We visited another aunt, Tita Lincor, who lives in La Mirada near Anaheim. We stayed their for several days and had a grand reunion with my cousins who have grown older, bigger, got married and had kids just like me..ha..ha.. Tita Lincor and Lucien brought us to Disneyland park. I can't dare go in Disneyland without Rocky - would be lonely without him. Hans toured us to Hollywood. I said WOW. Was able to pass by the famous Kodak theatre and Chinese theater. Walked along the Walk of Fame, of course nobody fails to do that when they're there..

The next day Derick dropped us at my aunt house in San Pedro. Tita Rosebill had a house with a very nice view of San Pedro. We took a Mexican lunch in town then visited the Glass church in Palos Verdes where my cousin had planned to hold her wedding ceremony.


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