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Published: May 24th 2011
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Welcome to Hollyweirdland

Wassup. I’m currently winding down to the end of my holidays and I am now in LA, which has been interesting so far. I arrived on Friday lunchtime after an early flight from San Francisco and little sleep (again). The shuttle bus ride to my hotel the Ramada Plaza in West Hollywood was interesting as I had a very talkative Movie Critic from Florida and a musician from Vermont who was in LA to record a ‘Americanised World Song’ at Capitol records who spoke with me the entire way about Los Angeles, movies, actors etc. The movie critic (I forget her name) has a show both in LA and Florida and was visiting LA for a press junket for an independent Ewen MacGregor film where they get a free screening of the film and then an interview with the actors of the film. Whilst she was on the shuttle she received a phone call getting the OK for the junket for Fright Night starring Colin Farrell and Toni Collette and she was excited about meeting Colin. All very LahDiDah.

She told me where to go in LA/ Hollywood and pointed out these weird oil drilling machines just outside of LAX airport that are an eyesore if I ever saw one. Driving into LA really isn’t as glamorous as you would think it would be….quite the opposite actually. Homeless people on the streets, desolate looking areas and a few crazies talking to themselves on the side of the road. Then you hit the Hollywood/ Beverly Hills area and it’s the total opposite – lush gardens and money, money, money; Total dichotomy.

Anyways we dropped her off and she went on her chatty way into the hotel for the junket (4 Seasons) where she knew all the bellboys and concierges (funny to watch) and I was next for my hotel. I had a few hours before I needed to head to the Hollywood Bowl to see Kylie perform her Aphrodite Live tour she is touring the Americas with, which is the waterless version of Aphrodite Les Folies that she has toured everywhere else. I relaxed a bit and then got ready and I eventually arrived at the amphitheatre around 6pm. The show was great after a euro dance start by Kaskade and Kylie was, of course, fantastic. I met these very friendly San Diego people who were offering me drinks and food all night and they were all impressed I came by myself and were my buddies for the night.

Anyways I heard there were a few famous people there like Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry and Perez Hilton although I didn’t see them as my Terrace Box was near the back of the box area (as you can see from the photos). Plus I had a few/ number of drinks so my vision was impaired anyways.

I did however run into Delta Goodrem at the end of the show when it looked like she was heading backstage to see Ms Minogue and I said ‘Delta hi!’ she gave me a confused look like she was surprised she’d been recognised and I said ‘I’m from Sydney’ and then blew her a kiss. She smiled said hello and blew a kiss back before going in. It was cute.

My only brush with celebrity thus far….and she was Australian. But it was Delta. One of the San Deigo peeps had an Australian friend who was an actress in a late night drama show from a few years back who I met and who I didn’t recognise. Her face was kinda plastersized so I wouldn’t have remembered her anyways.

After the show I headed back to the hotel and then was invited to The Supper Club in Hollywood to meet the San Diego crew again. I ended up going after a ridiculously expensive cab ride and I gotta tell you – not my type of club. Plastic 20 something year olds who all thought they were Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. Ick! The place was packed and I couldn’t find the San Diego crew after walking around once or twice (some guy wanted to randomly shake my hand too at one point) so I decided to call it a night. I’d rather not waste my night looking around for people in a weird place.

It was still a late night and I decided that Saturday would be a rest day so I could catch up on some sleep so I didn’t really venture that far from the Hotel, only for food.

Sunday I headed to Sunset Blvd and had a look around and shop – I then headed to Hollywood and Highland which supposedly has a good view of the Hollywood Sign (you tell me) and I went to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where it looked like there had a been either a Walk of Fame Inductee ceremony or the premiere of the Kung Fu Panda film which I just missed. I decided to walk back to my hotel which took FOREVER which confirmed for me that you really need a car or should catch public transport here unless you want some exercise.

I then went to a bar in the evening called Micky's which was...interesting. I had an alright night - met some more peeps including Aussies, this time from Sydney (who were arseholes mind you) had a few drinks and again had a late night.

On Monday I went to a Chelsea Lately taping at West Olympic Blvd in West Los Angeles which is miles from where I am staying - it took about 2 hours to get there and and an hour and a half to get back. It basically took my whole day (6 hours door to door) but it was great fun. She had 2 guests: Randy Jackson from American Idol and Justin Bartha from Hangover 2. Unfortunately you cannot take pictures during tapings so I have nothing to show you but I was there!

On my last day I went down to Robertson Blvd for a looksee which is a Paparazzi mecca sometimes but when I visited there were none to be seen. But I had me a yummy Crepes so all was well.

LA you’ve been fun but perhaps not my favourite place. Been called Baby more times than I care to remember and there are lots of plastics around (inside and out). But ehhh...it's LA I knew that coming in. So now I have figured that by the time I get home since the 2nd of May I have literally circumferenced the world. It’s been great even after 9 flights down – but only 2 more to go. Next stop Hawaii….Paul out.


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The Supper ClubThe Supper Club
The Supper Club

See what I mean? packed and 'empty' at that the same time

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