LA Day Three: Beach Cruise to Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hanging out before Costa Rica

Published: June 5th 2012
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To start out day three we decided to rent some beach cruisers and pedal our way down to Venice Beach. So after renting our bikes we rode down to Santa Monica pier and onto the bike path. Right away we were met by Muscle Beach, an adult playground of sorts with chin up bars, rings, monkey bars, ropes and the like. I have been watching American Ninja Warrior and have seen a few of the contestant’s videos shot here. I decided to climb the rope real quick and have a look around at some of the other equipment. I would love to spend a few hours working out at a place like this every week. Too bad Omaha doesn’t have anything like it, I really could use it in my ANW training.

After making Sophie endure a couple of minutes of me playing on the equipment we rode onto Venice Beach; where we parked our bikes and walked around checking out the “hippie” environment. My favorite part was watching the skaters in the skate park do their thing. There were graffiti artists, street performers, basketballers, meat heads throwing around 900 lbs on bench press, there was even a guy in a loin cloth carrying around a set of antlers who Sophie took a photo with. Forty dollars could have bought me a license for medical marijuana as well. Why is California so concerned with legalizing it? To wrap up we walked down to the water and watched a few of the surfers catch, and attempt to catch, some waves before riding back to the rental place.

Our flight was scheduled to leave early Sunday morning, so I had requested a late check out, when we got back to the room we had time to shower and pack, afterwards we left our bags with the bellhop and walked down to the Santa Monica promenade to have some lunch before jumping on a bus and making our way to Rodeo Drive to do some window shopping. Rodeo is one of those things you have to see to understand. This wasn’t my first time there, and I have certainly been introduced to high fashion and the prices associated in my previous life, but I still shake my head at the greed and vanity represented by Rodeo and the commerce there. Bulgari, Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton, etc. That is a life I am thankful that I have put behind me.

While there we saw a couple of guys dressed up standing up in a Mazda Miata dancing and blasting some music. I stepped out in front of them and snapped a photo of them striking a pose. On our way back to the bus stop Sophie wanted to stop and pick up Starbucks. The guys were there, in costume, sitting down and having a coffee. I showed them the photo I had snapped of them so they gave me a free CD of their stuff. Evidently they are some comedy act. They are called Brother Monkeys: is the site on their CD if you would like to check them out. They were nice guys, I haven’t listened to any of their stuff yet, but I will.

After making the ride back to Santa Monica we found a place to watch the UFC fight card that night. Give me a break it was my only request! Sophie took it well… especially considering the only place I found that had the fights was Hooters. Junior Dos Santos won over Frank Meir in case you were wondering. The place was packed so they were doing family style seating, meaning if you had two at a table of four there was going to be another couple sat with you. We were sat with a couple from San Fran who was down celebrating a birthday. They were nice and big fight fans, made for a great night. Sophie had a few drinks, enough to enjoy it as well I think. At the completion of the card we walked back to pick up our bags and take a cab to the airport. Off to Costa Rica!

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Sophie at Muscle BeachSophie at Muscle Beach
Sophie at Muscle Beach

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