LA to San Francisco

Published: May 29th 2008
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On this day we left LA and headed north on a twelve hour train journey 2 San Francisco.
The train wasn't 2 bad as it was through the day and for a large part we were coastin right above by the sea and u could even see dolphins out there havin a fun time.
I was readin a Stephen King book that i really shouldn't have started but i now needed to finish. I got a nice distraction from the book by a native american (an "injun" 2 John Wayne) who was called Henry Quinteto and he told me about some of his beliefs and the reservation. I also ate some of his dear jerky which tasted real good and was even more amazed by the fact that he had hunted the dear himself... usually the meat i eat has been shot point blank at an abbotoir. He was a real interestin guy 2 talk and he also offered me 2 a Peyote gatherin up in Seattle, which would have been interestin...
We arrived in2 Oakland in the late evenin and then caught a bus over 2 Frisco and we drove over that big bay bridge and Frisco was lit up, reflectin in the dark pacific which surrounds it.
We got in2 the hostel and met up (again) with our favourite aussies Tess and Alice. We went and necked a couple of beers before retirin 2 bed.
Man i have some serious catchin up with these blogs!!


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