Universal Studios, Hollywood and Beverley Hills

Published: April 20th 2016
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We have tickets to Universal Studios! Hello everyone and hope you are enjoying reading the blogs as much as I am experiencing them!

We were told by Hugh's friend that Universal was packed out because they had only just opened The Harry Potter World 2 weeks ago, so when we got back we ordered tickets online. Has a few problems getting it to work and had to go back on myself a few times, but as I pressed buy, I realised that I had bought tickets for the Monday and not the Tuesday and it was now 11.30pm Monday night! Stupid system! So, I woke up at the crack of dawn and called them in the morning. Luckily they changed it over and so one excited little girl yesterday was secretly like Tigger, bouncing around trying not to annoy everyone with her excitement! So, off we go and everything is fine. They don't even question the date on the ticket!

Head straight to Harry Potter World thinking it will be packed, but it really wasn't! It's beautifully built and very impressive with all the little touches. We queue for 30 minutes for Olivanders and here the first disappointment hits. You walk into the wand shop and a guy chats for a bit. Then you go through a door and they do a wand choosing ceremony with an obviously pre chosen (read, probably paid) child, who get to wave the wand about and things happen in the room. It's last maybe 10 minutes and is pretty rubbish! They then tell you how you can purchase your own wand and it will make several things move and do things in the shops in Harry potter World. So for the all encompassing sum of $50 plus tax you can wave your wand st things and take it home where it is useless!!

After that we headed to the castle, we didn't want to queue for 30 minutes again to do Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey so we asked if we could just go into the castle, at which point they give you a free pass and you can just walk through! That was great fun!

Next we headed to the lower lot for the Studio Tour, where they take you through the studios and ll the back drops and tell you all the shows and films that are filmed there. They also have a King Kong 3d show on the longest 3d screen in the world which comes right up close and then a Fast & Furious 3d car chase with Dwayne Johonson, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez & Tyrese Gibson!

Next we headed to Springfields and Simpson land! Was great fun watching Hugh getting all excited for this bit and turn into the biggest kid ever! He made me take photos of him outside Moes, Kwik E Mart, Duff Brewery, Dr Nicks & Krustyland! A really fun watching him! Did the Simpsons virtual rollercoaster ride and then headed over to Water World for the live action show and wow! Universal didn't disappoint at all. The stunts in the show were amazing and it was nice to sit for a little bit and just watch. Then down to Fun Land for Despicable Me Minion Mayhem!

Got several photos with Shrek and Donkey, Sideshow Bob, Doc from Back to the Future, The Minions, Frankenstein, Dracula and a Mummy and Betty Boo which made my day.

By this point we were both getting tired so we decided to head to Hollywood where we stopped to look at Hollywood Blvd where the Chinese Theatre and lots of stars autographs are. Walked a bit on the Walk of Fame where the stars stars are in the pavement. We saw Madame Tussauds, The Dolby Theatre, Guinness World of Records Museum, Ripleys Believe it or not, El Captain Theatre & The Old Masonic Hall. Such iconic buildings and i got to be there.

Stopped for an ice cream sundae and to get some rest for our feet! Then headed of in the car to explore Sunset Blvd, Rodeo Drive Santa Monica Blvd and then drove into Beverley Hills to have a look at the houses there and bot were there some amazing houses! We were then going to drive back up to the Hollywood Hills and see the Hollywood sign, but by this point it was getting dark so we headed back to the apartment.

We had a slight detour on the way home as we spotted a K Mart, so we stopped there and got some cmping gear and then popped into Whole Food Market to get some food.

We will probably be off line for a few days now as we are headed to Palm Springs today for Coachella tomorrow. I'll be doimh my blog the old fashioned way for a few days till we get back online, so see you guys soon!


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