Some Soap: Guiding Light

Published: July 9th 2020
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One of the longest running TV shows of all time, is a day time "soap" opera, Guiding Light. Binge-watching the longtime-favorite soap opera Guiding Light would take quite a while: Between 1952 and 2009, the show aired 15,762 television episodes. Before that, Guiding Light began as a radio show in 1937 — between the airwaves and the small screen, 18,262 “stories” were broadcast overall. Not only does that make for a lot of long-lost relatives, murder, and clone plot lines, that makes Guiding Light America's longest-running TV drama of any kind. Among soap operas, Days of Our Lives, which first premiered in 1965, still has nearly 2,000 episodes to go to catch up.Now, for a shocker, I watched this show. albeit periodically, in the early 80s. Why? One of the stars of the show, Mike Bauer, played an attorney. He also served as a spokesman for the company I was working for, narrating PSAs, and training videos. His real name was Don Stewart.He showed up one day in our offices, in Sacramento. He was an excellent and credible spokesman for our organization, the state hospital association, representing most of the state's hospitals. Of course, the ladies in our company went crazy for this handsome, and distinguished man.I don't recall much from the show, other than Mike played an attorney, and had some morals, since most daytime soap opera characters have very little. Why was I home in the middle of the afternoon? I had a job where I had a home office, and was home two to three days a week, also babysitting my newborn son.Other than that, it was just another afternoon soap opera. I do not plan to binge watch this or any other soap opera. I admit to watching Dallas and Dynasty for a short period in the 80s.

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