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November 24th 2019
Published: November 1st 2019
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The famous words of Sargent Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb) on Dragnet resonate when visiting Los Angeles. It was one of the first "police" shows on TV back in the Fifties, when we got our first black and white TV. But there are more facts to LA than meet the eye.

In perhaps the ultimate oxymoron, Los Angeles has more museums per capita of any city in the world! A total of 841 museums can be found throughout this metropolis. Perhaps the best one, the Getty Museum in Brentwood, is also free (though there is a parking fee). The building itself cost $1.3 billion to construct, and it houses 230,635 pieces inside. Of interest, and creating quite a spectacle, 300 goats are used each year to munch on the surrounding grass on the hilly property.

Even back during my childhood visits to Los Angeles, we learned about its great diversity. People from over 140 countries call LA their home now. And though everyone knows about Chinatown and Japantown, there are also Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, Thai Town, Little Armenia, and Little Saigon. Best of all, they are a food lover's delight. I strongly suggest a visit to at least one on each of your visits.

Why did the film industry end up in Los Angeles? Blame Thomas Edison, of all people. Why? Edison held the patent for the moving picture, so anyone making a movie would have to pay him for intellectual rights. LA was quite far from his home in New Jersey. The distance gave filmmakers enough time to high tail it across the border to Mexico before Edison's agent could shut them down. Today, one in six people are involved in the entertainment business.

Why do I love LA? Most importantly, I have many dear relatives here, who over the decades, have treated us like royalty. They provided for our first trips to big amusement parks, like Disneyland, trips to the beach, and big sporting events.

So, yes, the museums, food, and film garner the glamour, but family ties are the centerpiece. LA has so much to offer, if you can deal with the traffic. I may have told you, that once upon a time, when I did consulting work down here, that I could drive surface streets, from downtown LA to LAX in less than 30 minutes at rush hour!!!!

PS: This time, we are meeting Dirty Pat, and Mrs. DP (Renee') since they are here for their Ravens game with the LA Chargers.

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