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Published: August 3rd 2011
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Christina PerriChristina PerriChristina Perri

One of the concerts I went to see before I left LA. Third time seeing her and it definitely didn't disappoint
Just a little over two weeks until I leave Los Angeles. I have about 3 things to look forward to before I go. I have two concerts that I am going to, and a goodbye party. After I leave LA, I am going to go visit friends in San Francisco on the way up to Oregon. I'm really looking forward to that as well.

In some ways it is starting to sink in that this is all really happening (i.e. in my current apartment there is nothing left except my things), but in others I don't think it's completely there that I'm really going to be leaving and going to Korea.

Any time that you move there is so much to be done, but when you are moving out of a city, or even a state (let alone a country/continent!), there is SO much to be done. I'm just hoping that I get it all done in time. It is such a slow and tedious process to pack everything up and move it out. Thankfully I found a storage to keep my things in while I am out of my apartment yet still not quite leaving LA.

I definitely will miss some people that I have known and met in LA. I know that some people I will stay in touch with and see again, and there are others that I know that sadly I won't see again after I leave. That is all part of life though isn't it?

Only 16 days left till I leave LA
19 days until I leave SF for Oregon
43 days till Korea!


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