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North America » United States » California » Lancaster February 24th 2018

Driving through Lancaster on Saturday we passed an ancient lake bed and were surprised to see it wasn't dry...the bright sun shone upon the lake with the surrounding mountains reflecting on the water. However, as we passed the lake an old Bugs Bunny cartoon came to mind..."It's a miragee...I knew I shoulda made that left turn in Albuquerque". We've often read how pioneers crossing the vast North American deserts would head way off course to reach a mirage of cool blue water...I assumed they were probably suffering heat stroke. However, if you happen upon a mirage, it's easy to be convinced that water is just on the horizon...we were convinced. A few minutes later we approached the gate at Edwards AFB on our way to stay a couple nights in the military campground. It was a ... read more
SR 71 Blackbird
F-101B Voodoo

North America » United States » California » Lancaster July 15th 2017

As we described in our previous LA blog, the usual conversation about the Los Angeles area revolves around everything from the glam and glitz of Hollywood to the ten-lane highways where cars creep along at 20 mph to the multitude of venues to visit to quench the tourist’s thirst for excitement. This is all well and good as LA has much to offer along these lines…..but drive a little further outside of the confines of this megalopolis and you will find some natural beauty that any traveler would admire. We are keenly aware that most people have only a few days to a week to see this area…..but if you have a need for nature and the outdoors…well the LA area has that also. California Wild Flowers Earlier this calendar year, the annual rains came to ... read more
Ventura Highway California
Dolphins a plenty
Common dolphins

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