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February 29th 2008
Published: March 1st 2008
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February is nearly over, and my most amazing trip ever also. Not that I like to think that today is better
than yesterday, but this trip was really amazing...and I have few round-the-world in my bags already.

So what a better way to finish this trip than by skiing 3 days on Lake Tahoe and one day stop-over in LA.

First...a long series of flight to get from the Galapagos to Reno...well, I guess this is part of the journey
to happiness, you need to suffer a little to go to ski heaven...

But who cares, the snow storm was on Lake Tahoe last week-end...and I arrived Monday late afternoon...with
plenty of sun, and great snow.

I stay at Heavenly, the second biggest resort/town on Lake Tahoe. First, the town, well, casinos, american
middle class, perfect for a single guy, would not bring anybody with me there.

Second, the skiing. Well, this is a different story. It's is by far the friendliest ski atmosphere I experienced
in years. I've skied in 7 countries, on 5 different continents! Sun, and great snow...and a beautiful ski area.
But what is more amazing, is the don't have a single chairlift ride without a nice discussion
with your fellow skiers.

So I skied alone....great advantage, I never ever skied that much...and trust looks I'm fitter than ever...
you don't wait for other...don't have to take care of anybody you think this is a lonely experience...
well no, because people are engaging with you all the time. Bizarre at first sight...great during three days.

Next step...well, next ski is end of a quite original place...and for later...let say I'm getting closer
to the level where I can start to think of much more remote places...who say I cannot get creative
on my wish list.

Today was spent in Los Angeles. What do you do when you've been to LA at least 20 times. You first rent a nice
toy to drive all around. This time, a cool Saturn Sky...I'm sure most of you have never heard of it, it's just
a really fun toy.

Second, you head to Palm Springs for serious retail therapy...I'm worst than a high-maintenance girl when it comes
to shopping...and yes I know how to indulge.

Third, when credit card is head to Malibu...drinks and sunset at Duke's...sad I'm driving, a great
wine would have been nicer than a Diet Coke!

Fourth, you end up in the first class lounge of Oneworld at LAX...writting this entry....and drinking champagne...

So just to make it clear. February 2008 was amazing...just look at the pictures. I know that for most, this
would be a dream trip of a lifetime. And for this I'm thankful to life! But this is just my second chapter of
2008...a lot more...and lot more crazy is to come in 2008.

Some dream of a glorious past while hoping for a future...I just live my dreams, trying to do it without too
much pretention, just enjoying the ride, and meeting new great friends on the way. Do dream, just don't pretend,
because we all get what we work for. Enjoy!

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