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Hoover Dam was a man-made wonder. I could fathom the details how people could build such a large structure against a torrent water flowing from Colorado river.... read more

Well, as we look ahead and begin thinking about states further east and countries far, far away... there is time left for one last backcountry adventure while we're in California. We drove north of Yosemite/Tuolumne to Bridgeport (home of the highest-priced gas I've ever seen - $4.05/gallon) and Twin Lakes (home of many retired folks with RVs) to begin our three-day trip up to url="" target="_blank"Incredible Hulk. We heard so many good things about here that it would be difficult to live up to our expectations; especially after the trip we just finished into Whitney/Russell. Since we'd just left the backcountry, our minds were fresh with the items we wish we had or hadn't brought... added to our packs was a book (Siddhartha/... read more
Splitter crack climbing
Campsite Dishwashing
Dessert, anyone?

Jeff discovered this place, an often overlooked area filled with numerous glacial lakes all above 10,000 feet. The best part was the trailhead at 10,400 foot! With virtually no vertical elevation gain, these lakes easily rank as the most spectacular lakes you can get to without a hard hike. The north slope of Mt. Conness contains a bonafide Sierra Nevada glacier. The lakes have many species of trout. The 12,500 foot peaks tower over the lakes in a fashion which is not easily reproduced elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada, especially on the westside. Here, water drains east into Mono Lake. Glacial Erratics were everywhere, as was basalt and granite. The waters were crystal clear and bone chilling cold. Even though the area is such an easy hike, we saw only 5 other people on the trip. ... read more
Meadow Stream
Glacial Erratic, Sunset
Self Portrait, McGeee Lake in Yosemite

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