Hoover Wilderness

Published: September 27th 2006
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Jeff discovered this place, an often overlooked area filled with numerous glacial lakes all above 10,000 feet. The best part was the trailhead at 10,400 foot! With virtually no vertical elevation gain, these lakes easily rank as the most spectacular lakes you can get to without a hard hike. The north slope of Mt. Conness contains a bonafide Sierra Nevada glacier. The lakes have many species of... Read Full Entry

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Convergence over Saddlebag LakeConvergence over Saddlebag Lake
Convergence over Saddlebag Lake

the red is from an algae that grows in the snow
Fishing in Shamrock LakeFishing in Shamrock Lake
Fishing in Shamrock Lake

The scenery was magnificent!

27th September 2006

Incredible photos! I had this wilderness in mind when I was planning a Labor Day weekend trip. Now that I know how MAGNIFICENT it is, I am surely going to drag my hubby and pooch to check it out. Thanks for posting!
28th September 2006

Crystal Clear
These are amazing photos Steve. I really appreciate the clarity of the water and excellent use of light and reflection. I'm inspired to visit this area myself. Is it wheelchair accessable?
28th September 2006

You're making me SOOO jealous!
oh my god, these pic's are incredible! i am getting so jealous and the travelbug is poking me again:-) guess so far it hasn't been on the list but it is now - checking out california that is. keep your blogs coming. cheers, Christina
2nd August 2007

Pico you know its not wheelchair accesible, besides your knees could take it to this place. THanks to Christina!
17th September 2007

have to go
already planning a trip for next sept. great photos
13th July 2008

Beautiful Pictures
Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures. Will have to go check out this area someday. I love camping!.
12th August 2008

Great for naked camping looks like...
25th August 2008

the wonders this area adds to our life are immense.further north in the hoover country brings similar sights
16th February 2009

Hoover Wilderness
Bravo! It is a best kept secret. We'll keep it that way eh? Your picts are brilliant - good blurb signed ~fellow back packer
14th April 2009

Great job on the photos - what an absolutely beautiful landscape. How was the fishing? Any other wildlife up there?
7th February 2010

what trail?
Planning to explore this area this year. We HAVE to do this hike. Looking at a map, the area is just big enough and with enough trailheads marked, that we're confused. Can you provide specifics of which trail you hiked and where the trailhead is located, please? Thank you!!!
8th February 2010

I would but...
I would be more than happy to tell you exactly where I went, but not through a public post. Send me a private message and Ill let you know the route we took!
9th February 2011
Strange Rocks at the 11,500 ft saddle

hello' i discover theeeeeeeee weirdest rocks on Earth would You like to view some specimans ?

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